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New download 05 Sep 2012
This package file contains the SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Request project from Service Desk 7.1 SP2. The project has been modified so that the back buttons work when creating a change request.  It also seperates the search variables used for user searches and equipment so that the ...
New article 05 Sep 2012
With the new change process if you use the back buttons you lose all your data. I made the attached changes so that if you want to use the back buttons you do not lose all the data you have already input. Fix the back buttons in the SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Request project 1. ...
New article 08 Aug 2012
We accidentally deleted the home page from our test Service Desk and it resulted in the following error when users would try to login: We looked around connect and found a couple articles that provided some ...
New article 26 Jul 2012
In our environment it was important to track the closure or inbound email tickets.  We made this change to the SD.Email.InboundManagement project to allow us to report on the resolver of those processes. 1. Open the SD.IncidentManagement project 2. Open the Initial ...
New article 19 Jul 2012
We have had a need to do a lot of customization and testing with the Email monitor part of service desk and wanted to share a super helpful tip to help with your testing. Here are the steps to run the Email monitor project if you can’t or don’t want to wait for it to run on ...
New article 26 Jun 2012
We have a lot of locations and the drop down list on the Technician Advanced Incident form was a real time waster for our Service Desk technicians.  We recently added the Change Location functionality from the Work Incident form in the SD.IncidentManagement project to our Technician ...
New forum discussion 05 Jan 2012
We are in the process of implementing Service Desk 7.1 and are also looking at upgrading our phone system.  Has anyone looked at integrating a phone system into Service Desk?  If so what system are you using?  How do you feel about it?  What other systems are you ...
New forum discussion 07 Jun 2011
I have went through all the documentation that I can find and none of it explains the difference between them.  Has anyone figured this out yet?