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New forum discussion 18 Jul 2013
I know that Symantec AV Corporate 10.1 has hit the EOL, but it's been updating.  Well I just noticed our two servers are behind by about a week and when I attempt to update, it's says I have the latest version.  I just like to get confirmation that you can no longer get ...
New forum discussion 02 Jul 2013
I know the reason is their not pulling an IP.  They'll boot to PXE just fine, and launch the GhostCast session, but will eventually fail, and it's b/c they have a bogus 169..... address.  If I back out into the command prompt and run an ipconfig /renew they pull an IP and I ...
New forum discussion 18 Oct 2011
Our auto loader died recently and I was trying to use an external hard drive as a temporary fix for a few months.  The server recognizes it and I'm able to create Backup to disk folders from Backup Exec, but when I try to run a job to one of those folders it just stays queued until ...
New forum discussion 24 Sep 2008
Is there a way while imaging 10 laptops to give each particular names?  Such as laptop10-laptop19?
New forum discussion 12 May 2008
I have Endpoint Protection installed on some client PC's as standalone b/c I can't get the Endpoint Protection Manager to work.  Initially this worked fine and each client recieved updates, but recently I noticed they aren't getting updates and an error is logged in the Application ...
New forum discussion 31 Mar 2008
I'm trying to push out an image of an Optiplex GX 260 which is linked at 100mbps with the switch linked back to the server at 1GB/s.  When I push out the image it settles in at 92 MB/min and never goes any faster.  On top of this it completly kills my network.  Are there any settings I ...
New forum discussion 11 Mar 2008
I just noticed the last couple of days the job rate for my backup jobs is going no faster than 130 MB/min, where as prior to this I was getting about 2900 MB/min.  Each server is linked at 1 GB/s and I'm running on LTO3 tapes.  The autoloader is a Powervault 124T.  Each server is running ...
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2008
I wanted to use the SCS batch file to remove SAV 8.0 from all of our computers, about 30 in total and some in a remote location.  This is the only thing holding me up from installing Symantec Endpoint Security.  Now, within Active Directory, I go under Computer Configuration<Windows ...