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New forum discussion 21 Nov 2012
Hi Guys, Looking for some help with generating capacity license reports from a Netbackup Appliance master server using opscenter. My appliance is running 2.5 of the appliance software which is of netbackup and the opscenter is currently have set this up with Windows ...
New forum discussion 26 Jul 2012
Hi Guys, I have setup Synthetic backups on one of our servers but I am getting a 607 fail for the shadow copy components, the baseline full was successful and all the drives have completed successfully. Can anyone help?
New forum discussion 02 May 2012
Hello, We have been trying to download the 3 split files for the unix patch since they were released and they keep failing. We have tried from the office from our Datacentre and home and get the same results everytime. Is anyone else having this problem? and does anyone know of ...
New forum discussion 14 Mar 2012
Hi Guys, We have started using Vault for Netbackup and we are a few weeks in to our cycle and tapes should now be coming back, However Vault is not requesting the tape be returned. Has anyone seen this before?
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2011
Hello Everyone, Looking for some suggestions on backing up Sharepoint using Netbackup, How are you guys doing it and have you ever restored it?
New forum discussion 07 Oct 2011
Helle everyone, I have a question regarding the fragment sizes for puredisk storage groups. I have an issue backing up to puredisk and I think it is down to the fragment size that is set on the storage group, my question is what effects will changing that have on the backup images ...
New forum discussion 23 Sep 2011
Hello Everyone, I am trying to get BMR setup in our data center so I have built a test environment to do a POC, but I am having some problems with the backup and I am looking for some help. The environment is as follows Netbackup running on  Windows 2008 ...
New forum discussion 28 Apr 2011
HI Everyone I have just built a NBU 7.1 enviroment I and I have setup the Catalog so it sends out the catalog backup. I have noticed that we only get the DR mail on a full backup not C-Inc that runs daily. I was just wondering if this was correct? Many thanks Nick
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2011
Hi Guys I am new to netbackup and I have inherited an environment it is 6.5. It is currently a pure disk only environment however I need to add a tape library. The current setup is this, 1 Master server this is a VMware server and 3 physical Media servers 1 of the media servers ...
New forum discussion 15 Nov 2010
Hello We are trying to recover a Windows 2008 server at the moment it is a physical server running on HP hardware but we having the following problems. The job is constantly failing with the following messages in the job log. Restore- \\RESTORETEST\System?State ...