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Status: Working with Altiris 7.1 DS - 08 Apr 2013
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New forum discussion 13 May 2013
Hi, I am performing Windows 7 OSD. Right now i am using Automation folder for the purpose of PE environment. But i need to get PXE working as i have some bare metal machines. So i created a new pre-boot environment by going into Settings->Deployment->Create ...
New forum discussion 05 May 2013
Hi, I am performing OSD in my lab environment. Till now everything was going fine, i was capturing the Windows 7 image and deploying it to some Windows XP machines successfully. But suddenly, one of my job for image capture stopped working. The reason behind that is the client machine ...
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2013
Hi, I need to add the drivers for Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit OS (Dell machines) into DeployAnywhere to make the process of OS deployment hardware independent.While adding the required drivers into DeployAnywhere database i am getting the below error. Kindly ...
New forum discussion 11 Apr 2013
Hi, I am working on an OS deployment through Altiris 7.1 DS. I have successfully captured a Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit ghost image. Now i am deploying the image on to another machine. Simple deployment is working fine but i need to make sure that while deployment i create a fix C: ...
New forum discussion 07 Apr 2013
Hi, I am working on Altiris 7.1.  My Symantec Management console is not opening, it is redirecting to an error page. Initially it was working fine but i think the problem occured when someone in lab has changed the password of domain administrator account. The same account was ...
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2013
I am using Altiris 7.1. I need to capture the image with Depoyment solution. So as a part of initial configuration i am trying to install the task server role on one of my site server which already has the package server role installed. I configure the role from the notification server and it ...
New forum discussion 14 Mar 2013
Hi, I am trying to capture the image of Windows 7 32 bit OS through Altiris Depoyment Solution 7.1.  Currently i am using Windows server 2008 R2 OS. And the machine which i am using for the image capture process is a Virtual Machine having Windows 7 32 bit OS.But when i run my job ...