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New forum discussion 14 Oct 2013
I'm sure it used to work because my list (under Tools > Install Agents and Media Servers on Other Servers) contains a list of servers I'm currently backing up; however, now all current existing servers in list and newly added servers displays the error: Error connecting to ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2013
I have tapes loaded into a tape changer.  Sometimes, my Disk 2 Tape (D2T) jobs takes up more tapes than I anticipate and I get a message asking me to insert overwriteable media; however, when I try, BE never noticed that a new tape is inserted.  So normally, I would just run a scan ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2013
Several of my full weekly backup jobs are failing on the weekends.  All the backup jobs are writing to a B2D device.  In backup monitoring, the job fails with an E00084F4 error code. In the job log of Backup Exec, I get the error ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2013
I have about 6 active jobs currently.  Only two are running and everything else is queued.  All the jobs are set to Backup2Disk and some of them are using different network ports.  Not sure why the jobs are queued.  When I right-click on the job, there's nothing ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2013
My current server is running Windows Server 2008 32-bit.  I'd like to rebuild it as a 2008R2 so I can have proper backups of our Exchange system.  What's the best way to go about doing this?  How do I export all my current job's backup task and policies so I ...
New forum discussion 10 Apr 2013
I have a Backup Exec job that backups our SQL database server every night.  One of my developers likes to make copies of the database and put it on another server to play with. The way he makes the copy is by running a backup job through SQL Server Management Studio; however, this causes ...