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New forum discussion 12 Nov 2014
In both SEP 11.x and 12.x firewall policies have the anti-MAC Spoofing option enabled.   I don't recall receiving a single MAC Spoofing alert from an 11.x client.  Over the past year as clients were slowly upgraded to 12.x we began to receive more and ...
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2014
Just getting DLP Network Prevent for E-mail setup for the first time.  Wonder how does it handle a message with multiple recipients?  For example a user sends a message to both and
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2013
I have deployed SEP 12.1 RU2 to three test clients.  On two clients (both Server 2008) the Proactive Threat Protection is up-to-date.. But on one Win7 client the PTP definitions are stuck at November ...
New forum discussion 13 Jan 2013
Can anyone confirm that if a firewall policy has no rules there is an implied 'default deny' action?  (v12.1 RU2) I was trying to use a firewall policy only for the purpose of "automatically block an attackers IP address" option.  But found that my Win7 ...
New forum discussion 17 Dec 2012
Windows 7 SP1 32bit SEP 11 RU7, RU7 MP1, RU7 MP2 clients all managed by SEPM We have been running Windows 7 workstations for over a year.  We use a GPO to enforce the Windows firewall.   SEP clients have NTP component installed so that we can use IPS but we ...
New forum discussion 30 Mar 2011
I received an alert from the Network Threat Protection / IPS that I have never seen before and don't entirely understand.... Application has changed since the last time you opened it, process id: 5152 Filename: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe The change was ...
New forum discussion 19 Nov 2010
I am planning to use HP Data Protector on my SEPM to perform nightly backups.   Do I need to create any exclusions in the Data Protector software related to SEP files/folders ? I have searched Symantec Support and all of Connect but didn't find any ...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2010
I have implemented an Application and Device Control policy to block changes to the hosts file.  I used the policies provided by Kedar (
New forum discussion 18 Oct 2010
I have two or three clients that have a very old Policy Serial Number.  I guess this means these workstations have not obtained the policy changes I have been making (ouch).  What would cause this problem? I could understand if the clients were not ...