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New blog entry 20 Nov 2007
I was interested in getting some rough numbers on publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Symbian and Windows CE/Mobile platforms and applications. I cannot say with any degree of confidence that what I present below is reflective, simply due to the fact that different bugs get ...
New blog entry 08 Nov 2007
Well, we’ve arrived at where we’ve been trying to get to for some time. That is to say that we now have the ability to release security advisories for Windows CE & Windows Mobile after working through the accepted responsible disclosure process with Microsoft. It hasn't been easy, ...
New blog entry 15 Oct 2007
O.K. - firstly - long time no blog. Secondly, apologies for that - a mixture of vacation, work, and work travel has recently seen me distracted a little from my blogging duties (my plate spinning is improving, however). Anyway, with the apologies out of the way, onto the subject of this ...
New blog entry 28 Sep 2007
Interesting tidbit: I subscribe to the Messaging Newsemail newsletter. (I don’t actually remember signing up for it – buthey ho). I couldn’t find this replicated on their site so I am going toquote the interesting bits of ...
New blog entry 07 Sep 2007
In my last post on the subject of Vista versus the battle of vulnerable and malicioussigned drivers, I said there was some conjecture about whetherMicrosoft was ...
New blog entry 30 Aug 2007
With the airline industry being as competitive as it is, many of today's airlines are in the process of implementing lavish in-flight entertainment systemsthat offer a wide range of options ...
New blog entry 29 Aug 2007
Yes this could be a 500 page book, but I’m going to try to present the future of security in fewer than 1,200 words. Up to now in this anniversary series, my fellow Symantecites have been discussing what has happened over the past 25 years around security and how ...
New blog entry 27 Aug 2007
Recently I bought a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution for hometo manage backups for the ever increasing number of storage devices weall seem to be accumulating. I did as most people would and selected aconsumer solution from a well-known brand. The brand name on the box,as is not ...
New blog entry 24 Aug 2007
Here is a short update to bring this latest chapter in Vista’s security fairytale finally to a close. On Monday the 13th of August,
New blog entry 14 Aug 2007
So, in the Future Watch section of the last Internet Security ThreatReport and in our Windows Vista research, we stated that drivers wereincreasingly being attacked and that we would expect this trend tocontinue. We also stated that these third-party drivers posed one ofthe greater areas of ...
New blog entry 08 Aug 2007
The other day, I blogged about the latest happenings in the Atsiv saga. Today I’m providing an update, which I couldn’t have made up even if I ...
New blog entry 06 Aug 2007
So Friday before last, I blogged about the Atsiv tool.As a quick refresh this was a tool which implemented its own PE loaderwithin a kernel driver. The authors ...
New blog entry 02 Aug 2007
So in a world where data is king, peopleare obviously going to look for ways to mine the data in more effectiveways. I saw a talk in May last year by Ian Cook titled, “FindingInformation in the Darkweb,” with a subtitle of “Open SourceIntelligence Gathering on a Shoestring.” This was ...
New blog entry 27 Jul 2007
One of my colleagues, Orlando Padilla,recently ran across a tool by Linchpin Labs & OSR, which allowedunsigned drivers to be loaded on Vista 64-bit. The tool, Atsiv,is ...
New blog entry 20 Jul 2007
On the desktop we have many different executable compactors, compressors and encryptors. These are used to protect and/or obfuscate binary files. These can be employed by software authors and malicious code authors to protect their code from reverse engineering (though, typically in vain). A ...
New blog entry 16 Jul 2007
With the advent of Symbian 9 came a new capabilities model that could be seen as akin to mandatory access control, or MAC, which I’ve touched on briefly in the
New blog entry 03 Jul 2007
If you Google for either "Windows CE", "Windows Mobile" along with "rootkits" [1] [2] you don’t find anything on the subject. Back in the early part of this year I started a little skunk-works project (which resulted in an internal whitepaper) to understand ...
New blog entry 20 Jun 2007
In the words of the Ghost Busters, “We’ve got one…” We’ve got what?, I hear you ask. We now have an example of alleged SMS spam with some real statistics rather than the usual conjecture. We know SMS spam has been growing through the monitoring of such sites as Grumble Text [1] however we’ve ...
New blog entry 08 Jun 2007
Time for the next installment in my enthralling series on ‘Watching Microsoft Patch Windows CE’ and remember kids: There are currently no reported security vulnerabilities for Windows CE In my previous entry on this subject [2] I covered up untilFebruary’s updates for ...
New blog entry 04 Jun 2007
So time for another Mind Map. My generic one for Mobile devices last time was received pretty well. I put together the one below for Windows ...