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New blog entry 13 Nov 2014
The Evolving Threat Landscape is something that is constantly referenced, but just what is that ‘landscape’ and what does it mean for organisations intent on keeping themselves safe from attacks? In essence, the threats are emanating from a number of directions, but, broadly speaking, can be ...
New blog entry 03 Apr 2014
サイバー攻撃はますます大規模に、そして大胆になっているため、セキュリティ対策にも新たなアプローチが必要になってきています。サイバー犯罪者は、従来のコンピュータシステム以外にも攻撃対象を広げており、今ではインターネットに接続できるデバイスのほとんどが標的になる恐れがあります。2013 年は大規模なデータ侵害の年であり、推定 5 億件の情報が漏えいするという史上最大のデータ侵害も発生しました。
New blog entry 02 Apr 2014
Attacks are getting bigger and bolder and this calls for a new approach to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals have broadened their scope beyond conventional computer systems and now almost every connected device can be a target. 2013 was the year of the megabreach, where we witnessed some of the ...
New blog entry 20 Feb 2014
As a wise man once said, “Never put down to malice what can be ascribed to stupidity.” This adage could easily be applied to the founders of ‘hackers for hire’ web site, who were arrested  by the FBI on (strong, it has to be said) suspicion of running a web site ...
New blog entry 04 Feb 2014
サイバー犯罪者がクレジットカード情報を求める貪欲さには、際限がありません。オンラインで情報を盗み出す手口はいくつもありますが、なかでも狙われやすい標的が POS システムです。小売店の店頭レジ端末(POS)システムにおける購買額の 60% が、
New blog entry 03 Feb 2014
Cybercriminals have an insatiable thirst for credit card data. There are multiple ways to steal this information on-line, but Point of Sales are the ...
New blog entry 07 Jun 2013
寄稿: Piotr Krysiuk 6 月 5 日、Microsoft 社は金融業界および FBI との協力により、オンラインバンキングを狙う Citadel というトロイの木馬プログラムの活動を停止に追い込んだことを発表しました。この停止措置により、1,000 以上の Citadel ボットネットがオフラインになりました。 Citadel はオンラインバンキングを狙うトロイの木馬のひとつで、2011 年に登場しました。オンラインバンキングを狙う他のトロイの木馬と同様に、Citadel ...
New blog entry 06 Jun 2013
Contributor: Piotr Krysiuk On June 5, Microsoft announced that they had worked together with members of the financial services industry and the FBI to disrupt the operations of a banking Trojan horse program called Citadel. The takedown operation resulted in over 1,000 Citadel ...
New blog entry 04 Jul 2012
Much has already been written about the ongoing analysis into the code, sources and likely consequences of the 'Flame' or 'Flamer' malware program. Even at ...
New blog entry 22 Jun 2010
We've posted many articles discussing misleading applications and the tricks and techniques that are used to get them onto a user’s computer. Typical techniques employed include repeated, often aggressive, warnings about ...
New blog entry 10 Jul 2009
We've been spending most of the past week pulling apart Trojan.Dozer in order to get a full understanding of what its purpose is. Its most publicized feature is the DDOS attacks it performs ...
New blog entry 07 Jan 2008
Reports started appearing on Saturday regarding the existence of malicious packages for the Apple iPhone. A package called "iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep", which was described as “An important system update. Install this before updating to the new 1.1.3 firmware.” was reportedly ...
New blog entry 07 Jan 2008
In these “Stormy” times, here at Symantecwe regularly warn users to be wary of following links in unsolicitedemail. Could it be considered a coincidence then that I received thefollowing gem directly to my work email:
New blog entry 09 Oct 2007
Today we had an interesting sample shared with us. It was a Microsoft Word document which, when opened, was simply crashing Word. We tried using various combinations of Word versions, patches and languages, and in each case (with the exception of Office 2007) opening the document would cause ...
New blog entry 29 May 2007
A new Trojan Horse called Backdoor.Robofohas been spammed out today, which uses a variety of social engineeringtactics to aid its propagation. First it masquerades as an ...
New blog entry 29 Apr 2007
Commercial rootkits were first brought to the public's attention with the infamous Sony DRM case. This was followed a few months later by a
New blog entry 28 Mar 2007
Technologies come and go, but socialengineering remains the most popular technique used to propagatemalware. This tried and trusted method has been around since theLoveletter days, and malware authors don't seem to be giving up on itjust yet. This year we've seen
New blog entry 08 Feb 2007
Today has seen another large-scale spamming of Trojan.Peacomm, aka the "Storm Trojan". With Valentine's Day approaching, this time around the authors are attempting to tug ...
New blog entry 17 Oct 2006
Closely following McDonalds' trouble with infected MP3 players, Apple has now confirmed that a small number of Video iPods were shipped with malware ...
New blog entry 16 Oct 2006
McDonalds' customers in Japan recently found themselves exposed to a worm infection when MP3 players, offered as a prize in a drink promotion, were found to contain a worm called