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New forum discussion 21 Mar 2008
hi all,I just need to know if in the old days the KVS FSA Agent license did come with any default storage license or if those had to be procured seperately.If anyone has some info, some old document, product number etc let me know.rgdsOsama Salah
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2006
Hi,I'm using EV6.We have been archiving Exchange for a few years now to a Win2003 NAS.We are using one Vault Store and one Partition.I wanted to minimize the backups we are doing and thought to start a new partition. I'm not sure what that will exactly do. It ...
New forum discussion 27 Nov 2006
Hi,I used to run pstmigrator from the EV server.Now I installed the admin tools to my PC, logged on with the archiving server admin account and started pstmigrator.At the end I get an error that the migration failed and:"The RPC server is unavailable."
New forum discussion 05 Sep 2006
Hi,we upgraded recenly to EV 6 and I noticed that my pre and post backup scripts stayed the same for example the line:net start |find "Enterprise Vault Archiving Service" >EVArcTemp.datThe service "Enterprise Vault Archiving Service" doesn't exist. Looking at the ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2006
Hi,is there a function in EV Client to prevent users from creating new PST files.I should be able to do that with group policy but haven't tested it yet and thought maybe the EV Client can do that and save me some work.appreciate any feedback.thanksOsama ...
New forum discussion 22 Jul 2006
Hi,I'm testing client driven pst migration and followed the procedure in the documentation. I didn't get the welcome messages because I made a mistake in that part.Under personal store mangement | Files I can now see my active PST file with status "migrating" and another PST file ...
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2006
Hi,I was told by a local vendor that they faced problems with upgrading to 6.0 and they recommended I should wait until 6.5 is out.On the other hand I received info that 6.5 is expected Q1 2007, so that would be quite some time to "wait".I haven't followed this forum to ...
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2006
Hi,in the past when a user left we would copy his/her mailbox to a pst file and then burn them on a CD. If I do that now I would archive the mbx and the archived items would stay in the EV (users don't use retention periods).One option would be to manually set a retention ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2006
Hi,in the list of support products it says that symantec av can be configured not to scan "offline files" i.e. the placeholders. What is that setting called in Sym AV?rgdsOS
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2006
Hi all,I do have EV 5.0 SP3 and two XCH2003-SP1 servers.One of the servers works fine the other does not.When I try to enable a mailbox it says "No mailboxes found".When I try to synch a mailbox on that server I get in the eventlog:Timed out whilst waiting ...