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New forum discussion 07 Mar 2013
Hello;  We are in upgrade phase & need to upgrade the SBG appliances. the current version of software is 9.0.2-9 & we are entitle to free upgrade for 9.5 which is not latest to version 10.0 as we are not entitled for version 10.0. Current ...
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2013
Hello; We are planning to upgrade the SEPM servers to 12.x version. please check the below current scenario & advice for the best practice ideas etc -- 3 SEPM Manager running with approximate 50,000 clients ( including NAC) -- 2 SQL server cluster for SEPM. -- ...
New forum discussion 13 Oct 2012
Friends; One of our customer requested to implement SSR 2011 as an image backup for application & database servers. our POC was succesfull for some test application, Database servers & would like to know about database server which has oracle 10g.reference to SSR's ...
New idea 03 Aug 2012
Hello; I want to backup SQL logs via log no truncate method. the DBA team asked to perform hourly log backups without truncation. i am using BE 2012-SP1a & log no truncate method option available only in " ONE TIME BACKUP WINDOW".. in otherway i can perform hourly log ...
New forum discussion 01 Aug 2012
Folks; I have multiple SQL database as a Single & part of CSV with Simple & Full Recovery model. i would like to know that if i run the full database will it truncate the logs?? Secondly i have BE 2012 SP1, where i can get the log backup option in incremental backup ...
discussion comment 26 Jul 2012
New forum discussion 10 Jul 2012
Hello; At present we are planning to move  symantec backup exec 2010 SQL DB to the Sql 2008. the sql 2008 will be install on the same server & after migrating database, we will remove the sql express 2005 . below are the product details 1- Backup exec 2010 R2 x 4 with ...
discussion comment 30 Jun 2012
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2012
Dear all; I am using backup exec 2012 SP1 & facing issue with the backups jobs.  1- when ever i want to stop/cancel any job, its in running state & not able to stop. 2- Some time facing issue with the services that its not able to start till i restart the ...
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2012
Hi; I would like to know backup steps for below scenario: 1-sharpoint server ( database reside on  SQL server) 1-SQL server. im using backup 2012 with SP1. the share point & SQL  are VMs & i can see the share point Farm in backup exec ...