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New forum discussion 12 Nov 2008
Before I spend £1000's on Ghost Sol'n Suite 2.5 I need to have a solution for booting my clients via PXE (F12 at startup) to my Ghost images on a Win2008 server for deployment (multicasting).   There are numerous articles out there, the best being
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2007
When I put an AIT tape in my Sony drive (the only backup drive) it doesn't find the tape, if I choose 'Catalogue' it then finds it, but as soon as I eject the tape and reinsert it (or any other tape) no media can be found again. Everything has worked for a couple of years, but ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2006
Can anyone please advise on what level of multicasting troubleshooting log to choose when trying to investigate slow multicasting.What kind of entries am I looking for to indicate why and where this slow multicasting is happening?Any nice documentation out ...
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2006
I am booting to a Ghost boot floppy disk and choosing Local \ Disk \ To image the 3 HDD's show up fine and I can choose one as a source but the Image file to create screen is only giving me the Floppy disk and CD drive as a destination location. All HDD are NTFS.Any ideas?
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2006
How can I rum Ghost from within windows to backup C:\ partition? I am running Ghost32.exe from a remote drive but still getting:"A source volume could not be locked (640)"I suppose all processes running in windows are interfereing with Ghost. Could reboot into a Ghost ...
New forum discussion 30 Jul 2006
Is it OK\reliable to backup a domain controller using Ghost 8 partition cloning? I will backup System State using NTBackup as an addition to Ghost.I want to schedule a regular job to clone Partition C:\ from Hard Disk 1 to a .gho file in a folder on Partition E:\ on Hard Disk 2. ...
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2006
Is it possible to read\edit the files and folders in a ghost image (all images are created from NTFS drives)?
New forum discussion 25 May 2006
I am suffering from incredibly slow, erratic multicasting speed (sometimes it's fine). Seems to be diff't machines (with diff't NIC's) at diff't times of the day, using floppy boot, CD boot and RIS Ghost.It has become worse since moving Ghost 8.0 onto a dedicated Win2003 sp1 ...
New forum discussion 24 May 2006
Why when Ghostcasting (Ghost 8 corporate) does my client machine show 200MB\min (for example) and the server only show about 7MB\min (this is the true speed as it is taking hours to image a machine).
New forum discussion 23 May 2006
A simple Q I hope!Currently I create 2 floppy disks (ghost 8) that have my NIC drivers on and I use these to boot to my Ghostcast server.How do I collate these 2 floppy disks onto a single bootable CD?(tried using Nero and a floppy boot ...
discussion comment 23 May 2006
New forum discussion 22 May 2006
I currently have about 6 different sets of floppy boot disks to connect to my Ghost 8 server (win2003).Can I put all these floppy disk sets on a single bootable CD? How do i do this? How do I make the CD bootable too?Thanks
New forum discussion 22 May 2006
When i boot to my Ghost 8 server (win 2003) using floppy boot disks it images the machine fine at 300MB\min.When using the 'PXE network boot' option in the computers BIOS it connects to the ghost server fine (using the RIS boot image i created in 'Ghost Boot disk maker') but then ...