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New idea 23 Feb 2011
Just a couple of SEPM features that would be nice in future releases: 1. A SEPM deployment that is not constrained by the requirement to install via the console:  It's my understanding that the SQL Server installation has been problematic when installing on an ...
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2010
I recently layed down a new install of SEPM (11.0.6005.562) to replace the previous installation that I could no longer log into (db resides on a remote MS SQL server and the password change bat file apparently wasn't the correct method of changing the password). With this new ...
New forum discussion 21 Mar 2010
I'm testing out the Brightmail gateway VM and have it set up on two interfaces for inbound and outbound.  I have no problem sending outbound mail.  I've opened up the firewall's external 25 to the Inbound port and have it set to accept connections from all IPs.  ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2010
Hello, I'm in the midst of configuring the Brightmail gateway VM and have applied what might have been a bad SSL certificate.  Upon applying the custom cert I immediately lost web access to the administration console and now receive a "connection timed out" message ...
New forum discussion 13 Aug 2008
Hello,   We recently moved our BE12 installation to a different server and have had no adverse problems with the migration other than that the job log attachment in e-mail notifications is not included.   Instead the message "The job log was not available to ...
New forum discussion 27 May 2008
What's the suggested method for migrating a single-server BE installation to a new server?
New forum discussion 13 May 2008
I'm a fond advocate of having Symantec's design team build in a port-checking utility with the flexibility of not only ~detecting~ that a port is in use but providing admins with the ability ~to adjust~ port use during install.I'm currenlty fighting with BE and SEM products on our ...
New forum discussion 23 Apr 2008
Hello,We are utilizing the IDR feature in BE R12 to recover a Win2K3 server.The target server in question is a PowerEdge 1950 using the Broadcom NetXtreme II 5708 NIC.  Loading up all other necessary drivers during the recovery process has been successful ...
New forum discussion 10 Sep 2007
We've got BE 11.6235 with IDR.  We have a 'baremetal' weekly backup job set up to backup the SBS2K3 DC's system state, all of the C: volume, the boot files on the D: volume, and shadow copy components on a weekly basis.In testing the restore onto a separate server, ...