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New forum discussion 08 Dec 2011
Getting this error and was wondering if anyone knows what it is... Dec 08 14:48:10 +00:00" severity="1" hostName="ALTIRISSERVER" source="Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.*" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="4128" ...
New forum discussion 08 Dec 2011
Our clients are not running tasks effectively. The tasks keeping timing out. We keep getting the following error in our logs every minute and was wondering if anyone had seen it. Dec 08 14:45:10 +00:00" severity="1" ...
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2011
I need to create a report that show which computer has failed a specific task. When you run a task and you click on the dteail you a get a list of the computers, but you can not export them or copy the list. The currect Task Reports do show whioch computers have failed the taks, they ...
New forum discussion 14 Apr 2011
My company is using Office 2010 with MAK Licensing. We have created a Office 2010 layer and it activates when you 1st go to use it. I noticed that when we reset the layer and use it again it ask the user to activate again and this seems to be using one of our licenses each time. Am I ...
New forum discussion 07 Apr 2011
I am new to this product, so please bare with me. I have read the documention on layers and best practices, but everything with regards to what applications should be layered it is a little vague. I am thinking about creating some layers for a new deployment of Windows 7 ...
discussion comment 08 Mar 2011
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2011
I am trying to import a layer into a Windows 7 64-bit client using NS 7. I am creating a task using the Software Virtualization Command. I am able to import the layer manually and issues tasks to Activate or Deactivate successfully. I am also able to import the layer by running ...
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2011
We need to allow certain user groups in AD to use pcAnywhere to view systems. They are not allowed to transfer files or restart systems. Is there a way to restrict a user group in AD to only allow them to view systems? Thanks.
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2011
I have am having a problem on NS7 where the Symantec Management Agent Agent keeps trying to install on the clients even after the agent has already been installled. It keeps copying the files to the client until one client was low on disk space. I am not sure if we have the wrong ...
New forum discussion 25 Feb 2011
I am trying to create a layer with a specific software that my client uses, but the software also requires that Microsoft Office be installed, if not the setup will fail. Microsoft Office has been created as a layer and since I need to deactivate all the layers before I create a ...