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New forum discussion 30 Jan 2012
I have two users that are getting this error when trying to access the Helpdesk (as an end-user). You are not authorized to use Helpdesk at this time Everyone else is able to access the helpdesk without issue. We are using version 6.0.6074 SP3 ...
discussion comment 10 Mar 2011
pwilson commented on: Email Lookup
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2011
I am creating a workflow 7 webform the takes a users Last & First name in textboxes. What i would like help with is using the Last or First name to dynamically populate another textbox for the user's email from either Active Directory or the Service Desk.
New forum discussion 30 Oct 2010
What do i need to do to set up email alerts to notify me or an end-user where an approval workflow is in the process? 
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2010
I have a primary Model with a dialog workflow component ("DW1") in it that terminates to a Match rule component. Based on a selection within the dialog workflow, i am trying to link to an embedded Workflow model that has another workflow dialog (DW2) within it that requires a ...
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2010
I am using a writefile component to write my form content to a folder on the workflow server. When debugging, the workflow stalls at the Writefile step with the folowing error: Message: (Write File WriteFile) - Access to the path '\\wkflw7\F$\ARRForms\1111\Document.pdf' is ...
discussion comment 07 Sep 2010
New forum discussion 04 Sep 2010
I have a workflow which is fired off with an autostart component. I am trying to schedule the work flow to fire off every quarter but i can't figure out how to set the schedule editor to do so. Any help is appreciated. Pwilson
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2010
Does any one know if/how i can initiate a network discovery task in Solarwinds Orion from a workflow?
discussion comment 28 Jul 2010
discussion comment 26 Jul 2010
New forum discussion 23 Jul 2010
I am creating a workflow for new hire employees. This workflow adds the new hire to the acive directory and everything is working as expected but i can not figure out the data mapping for the users manager. Can some one explain how to map the users manager to AD?
New forum discussion 10 Jun 2010
I have a project that validates just fine and publishes without incident. The problem that i am having is that afetr publishing the project to my NS 6.5 server, i get the following error... Error Details Error Message: Login failed for user ...
New forum discussion 05 Feb 2010
We are at a point where we need to decide whether to purchase Wise Package Studio or VMWares Thinapp solution. Has any one done a comparision on the two products? Thanks