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New forum discussion 29 Aug 2014
rahul466 posted: Error 98
Hello All, Some backups are failing with error code 98. I had verfied that all the tape drives on that particular media server are UP. I had checked all the failed jobs in all the jobs media id are different however drive is Unique. Master:- LINUX, ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2014
Hello All, I am looking forward to know if we can back up SQL 2014 Database using Netbackup? Our master is running on
New forum discussion 11 Aug 2014
Hello All, We are planning to upgrade our LINUX clustered master server from v7.5.0.5 to v7.5.0.7 As per the tech note below are steps that we need to follow. Can someone please let me know the commands that i had run to make the offline the NBU cluster ...
New forum discussion 27 Jul 2014
Hi All, I am looking to get my Ops Center Analytics upgraded to v7.5.0.7. Current version is It is installed on one of server on Solaris (Sparc) host. I am bit confused about Server software and Agent Sodtware. We are currently Monitoring 3 master server ...
New forum discussion 04 Apr 2013
My Envirnoment is having Master Solaris and have multiple's of media server. Fore some reporting purpose i need to pull out the list of clients that are using particular media server.. There are apprx 500+ clients under this there any command that i can ...
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2013
Hi All, There is a oracle backups running for database in our enivrnoment.Currently when backup is intiated from DBA(user directed) its appears in Activity monitor in total of 3 Job ids.Now we have got a request from DB to Kick off 9 parallel process instead of 3. I have ...
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
Hi All, I have a list of 100+ medias that i need to check whether they are in library or not. is there any script or command that i can use to see the status of  all the medias in a go. Thanks in advance