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New forum discussion 21 Aug 2012
I want to create a SEP 12.1 package and disable/block the SEP clients downloading virus definitions from for the frist time. After installing SEP applicaton it should download definitions from SEPM/GUP insted of internet (
New forum discussion 08 Feb 2010
Hi All,  I have 3 Symantec Management servers (Asia, Europe and America) and configured replication between them. For each region we have close to 40 GUP’s configured. I have exported MR4 SP2 package from America SEPM console and upgraded all the three regions GUP’s. Now ...
discussion comment 21 Jan 2010
New forum discussion 21 Jan 2010
Hi All, I am planning ot upgrade all my GUP's to MR4 MP2. Can some one provide me the URL to download MR4 MP2 and upgrade instructions. Regards, Rajesh.
New forum discussion 21 Dec 2009
Hi All, we have 30 GUP's configured for a SEP management server.  There are few GUP's which have more than 200 MB of data transfer between SEP manangement server. How do I know from the logs, what data is transfring between GUP's and Management server. ...
New forum discussion 07 Dec 2009
Hi All, I want to use Application and Device control policy to block applications like Yahoo messenger,Skype,GTalk and some other applications. Can some on help how it can be done indatail and some configureation documanetations which examples shown. Regards,
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2009
HI, I have 3 SEP management server. I have configured these 3 SEP Management servers to run LiveUpdate every 2 Hours and I have slected all content types to download excluding Host Integrity templates. Now I want to know the size of data that download from ...
New forum discussion 02 Nov 2009
Hi, Can some one hlep me where I can get Symantec Gateway Enforcer and Lan Enforcer diagrams. Regards, Rajesh.
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2009
Hi , We have couple of computer infected with Security tool malware. I am able to delete some of the suspected files and after that if work's fine, but when I restart the computer Security Tool window opens and starts scanning. SEP and NSS tools not able to detect this Malware. ...