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New forum discussion 24 May 2013
Dears , I configure a backup job to backup SQL 2008 database using Full Copy-Only , software comression and sql cpmoress  it takes about 160 GB another backup job with the same selection list  using Full Backup - entire database  ...
New forum discussion 13 Apr 2013
Dears , We backup DAG exchange server 2010  Using backup exec 2010 R3 and updated With SP2  and  recent Hotfixes The backup job backup the passive copy of the database . The backup job is unstable , Sometime Succeeded and simetime failed with the following ...
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2013
Dears , Our backup server (Backup exec 2010 R3) loses the trust relationship with all agents. As the below snapshots from the media server and the client too Note all agents have the same issue.
New forum discussion 01 Jan 2013
what is the ports should be open on the firewall to install backup exec remote agent remotly ?
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2012
Dears , We have a problem  to backup  Farm sharepoint 2010 with backup exec 2010 R3 SP2 We have installed backup exec 2010 R3 SP2 and the following hotfixes HotFix 180429 HotFix 176937 HotFix 191248 the following are the log errors are ...
New forum discussion 12 Sep 2012
Dears , After updating the media servvers of Backup exec 2010 R3 with the latest Hotfixes  , all trust relationship are lost and all backup jobs are failed , How can i restore the trust relationship  ?
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2012
Hi , I create a policy with two template First template  Backup database about 200 GB  to B2D device (With software compression size  is 100 GB) Second template  deduplicate the backup set of the first templete to the deduplication storage I ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2012
Dears , i get the AVG  Page fault/sec = 1500     , is it acceptable or high value ?
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2012
Dears , i create many backup jobs on caso server and  one of them backup to deduplication storage for example Dedup01 run only on the caso server and anther job is restricted to run on another media server  for example TestWEB1D the rate of testweb1d was 3800 ...
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2012
Dears , we installed media server backup exec 2010 R3 On  mailbox exchange server 2003 the mailboxes exhange database are  located on SAN Storage they are connected with tape library , the backup rate are 2400 MB/Min do you have any recommendation to accelerate ...
New forum discussion 12 Jun 2012
Dears each time we set the compression option on the tape  shared drives , and option is cleared without any reason why it is cleared please advice how to confirm about Hardware compression Tape libraruy  is hp 8096 backup exec 2010 ...