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New forum discussion 16 Jan 2015
I'm backing up 11 servers to a dedup device via OST on BE 2014. For the past week, I was getting the error described in the link for jobs on one specific client server:
New forum discussion 02 Dec 2014
Has anyone else had problems installing 225092? LU has bombed out with the 1812 and 1806 error messages several times. I've done a repair install of BE 2014 with SP1, but still no luck. Then I removed and reinstalled LU, but still no luck.  I think the problem is with the ...
New forum discussion 18 Nov 2014
My BE 2014 Windows agents have been using client side dedup for an OST target, and we've changed the IP on the target. Do I need to do anything on the agents to remove the IP, or do I just connect the target to the clients again? The target is a Dell DR4100, and it has some ost commands to ...
New forum discussion 12 Nov 2014
Does BE add any security layer or manipulate deduplicated data with any proprietary Symantec technology? We have a Dell dedup device that hashes the data in such a way that it should protect data fairly well, but the device doesn't actually use any encryption. They expect to add encryption in ...
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
I need to make sure I understand the ramifications of client-side deduplication. That process is deduplicating before sending data over the wire for the backup, but it is not actually deduplicating the data on our EQ storage array, right? In other words, if our dedup device bites the dust, it ...
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
I'm backing up to a dedup device, then have a duplicate job to back it up to tape. I understand that I can't compress data in a duplicate job after it has already been compressed, but here's what I don't get. Deduplicated data is reduplicated when it is transferred off of the dedup device, so ...
New forum discussion 04 Sep 2014
I imported job sets from 2010 that included Full and differential jobs. I'm changing our backup procedure because we're starting to use a dedup device, so I want to keep the diff job settings but not the full. I tried setting the full job to unscheduled, but it still shows up as ...