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New forum discussion 09 Jul 2012
Hi ,  We have an issue where is a zone where hung in shutting down mode. And we are unable to switchover the service group because one mountpoint.  The solution we did reboot the global zone, but it still didn't work.The CFS resources were failed to start. 
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2012
Hi All,  I just want to confirm which option should be better option for the Host mode option for my VCS.  I read one documentation that i should choose option (9) for solaris. But, there is another option (22) for veritas cluster server. Currently we use option ...
New forum discussion 21 Feb 2012
Hi All,  I'm running vcs and vxfs on solaris 10 with DMP. Recently we had an issue which all vx* command were hung. It cause the several service group was unable to start. Not much thing i can check because all vx* command is not responding. From ...
New forum discussion 09 Nov 2011
Hi Guys,  I need to extend a vxfs filesystem that is using subvolume. I did'nt manage to get the correct short way. I managed to create up to subvolume, but didn't get how to extend the subvolume i have created in the main volume. vxprint -hr -g ...
New forum discussion 03 Aug 2011
Hi experts, We have a situation which had was unable to start back by hashadow. But the oracle database still running fine. I have corrected the problem by killing the proceses that caused the load full. Just want to confirm, if i manually start all the VCS LLT and GAB ...
New forum discussion 07 Jun 2011
Hi Experts,  Our DB admin recycled the oracle database on Oracle level. DBA team did disable the oracle monitoring script on oracle level. So, on VCS the oracle monitoring resource was found offline. But, supprisingly the VCS didn't  captured any error saying the oracle ...
New forum discussion 09 May 2011
Hi All we found High iowait on netbackup server. Please help me to identify the cause. 84 processes:  80 sleeping, 3 zombie, 1 on cpu CPU states:  0.0% idle,  0.6% user,  1.3% kernel, 98.1% iowait,  0.0% swap Memory: ...