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New forum discussion 07 May 2015
Master Server - Windows 2008 R2  Media Servers Windows 2008R2 & Windows Server 2012 Netbackup Version - Policy Config - Hyper-V using Provider auto\system advance attributes Hyper-V Servers - Windows 2008 R2 standalone and clustered servers (Same ...
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2014
Hi Everyone! I am looking into backing up Windows 2012 NTFS data deduplication volumes and in the documents I am seeing the following: Regarding the Microsoft Windows 2012 NTFS data deduplication feature: - NTFS deduplication volumes may be backed up to BasicDisk storage ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2014
Hi Everyone, I am looking to see if anyone else is having issues using Failover Storage Unit groups with MSDP? I am running Windows 2008 R2 on my Master server and two media servers with Netbackup Instead of the jobs queuing when I hit the Maxium concurrent jobs it just ...
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2013
Hi Everyone, I am running Netbackup with one Master Server and one media server running windows 2008 R2 and running into issues removing a volume from a AdvanceDisk Pool.  When trying to delete the volume with: nbdevconfig -deletedv -stype AdvanceDisk -dp ...
New forum discussion 20 Jun 2013
Hi Everyone, I am wondering if there is a way I can duplicate images that I have stored on either disk or tape to a Dedup Pool? Windows 2008 R2 Media and Master servers running Netbackup
New forum discussion 24 Apr 2013
Hi Everyone, I am currently testing the install of through liveupdate and I have noticed that during the install of all of the 2008 systems, the install restarts the following services: Windows Event log  windows server service tcp/ip ...
New forum discussion 02 Jan 2013
Hey everyone! I am looking for some info on how to limit the bandwidth\traffic coming into my deduplication media server. My current setup is: Windows 2008 R2 Master running Windows 2008 R2 Media running (5) regional offices with 4 servers at each ...
New forum discussion 06 Sep 2012
 We are running Netbackup on Windows 2008 R2 and we are having issues backing up VMs on a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V cluster. We have a 3 node cluster connected to HP P2000 and using the Hardware VSS writer. From time to time we are seeing shortly after the backups the starts ...