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New forum discussion 14 Oct 2009
Hi,   Regarding Enterprise Vault 8.0SP2 Mac client support, can someone confirm if it is true that only version 10.5.6 of Mac OS X and version 12.1.5 of Microsoft Entourage are currently supported, and not those versions *and* later? This seems like an odd requirement - we ...
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2009
I have BE 12.5 with the SharePoint agent. I did a site collection restore of a MOSS environment today. All sites with standard web parts restored perfectly. However, sites with custom web parts (such as Bamboo web parts) will either not display, or will display with an error message in ...
New forum discussion 18 Aug 2009
Hi. Can somebody please point me in the direction of where I can download the latest EV8 toolbar for Mac Office Entourage 2008? Thank you. -Richard
New forum discussion 16 Jul 2009
Hi, We use SHMS and one of our users reports that recently, all incoming mail from a listserv is being quarantined. The sender addresses are many, so it isn't practical to whitelist each one individually. The only consistent way I see to identify the listserv is that the subject line ...
New forum discussion 14 Jul 2009
Hello All, Whenever a PST fails to fully  import into the archives, we take the steps necessary to repair and re-import the PST. Afterwards we are still left with the partially imported PST in the archive from the failed attempt. Is there a way to ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2009
EV8.0 and Exchange 2003 environment. I have a PST belonging to a user who has an archive, but is long gone and no longer has an AD account or Exchange mailbox. How can I add this PST to his archive? An import fails because it says the mailbox has not been provisioned. A ...
New forum discussion 28 May 2009
Hi Folks, I've just begun using EV (version 8.0), and have BE12.5 for backups. If I need to restore a specific user's vault folder (EG. Sent Items), how do I select that user in BE, and that user's folder? Right now I can just see that the SQL databases, the indexes, and the ...
New forum discussion 27 Apr 2009
Hello, I am attempting a GRT restore of a small MOSS site. The job starts, stages, and goes into the restore phase, but fails as it is attempting to restore the first document in a document library. The error error message is as follows: "0xe0000367 - Backup Exec cannot ...