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New forum discussion 05 Jan 2009
Is it posible to use the windows search facility on a target server to search the entire volume and only show the place holder files, or is there a 3rd party search utility out there that will do it.   Thanks   Rich
New forum discussion 27 Nov 2008
does the back up job exist as a editable file ie text, s i can run a script against it after every backup job.   Thanks   Richard
New forum discussion 26 Nov 2008
Hi   I want to back up every night only files from a specific date ie 26th nov 2007 (exactly 1 year ago), now I can do this with the include options and set the 2 dates, but as the days roll on the first date stays the same, so every night I'm backing up the same chunk of data. ...
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2008
Does the FSAUtility command with the -T option (Restore original files) remove the files from the vault when restoring?   Thanks   Richard
New forum discussion 25 Apr 2008
After moving some placeholders from one location to another using the FSAutility -m command, when i try to open a file it says "an unexpected error has occurred while reading \\XXXXX\XXX etc   Any one got ...
New forum discussion 22 Mar 2008
I am moving the databases from one sql server to another, i am followinf tech note 273272 but when i try to start the VAC to change the SQL server name, it will not connect to the EV server. Now i'm no SQL DB but i think i've made sure the Vault service acct has correct permissions, does ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2008
I want to move loads of placeholders to a new server using the fsautility -m but am loath to sit there and apply the command to hundreds of folders, i seem to recall someone saying this can be automated using scripts ie a bat file and the folders can be listed using the tree ...
New forum discussion 14 Feb 2008
Been away for months with long term kidney problems and nerver damage, however back on my feet and need to get back into the swing of things.   Can anyone tell me if any progress has been made on the fsautilty program which could only move placeholders at a folder ...
New forum discussion 28 Aug 2007
Normally we wait till a server blows up and then have the nightmare task of retrieving the placeholders and migrating them to a new server, however, i'm now trying to get a jump on everything and think ahead, one of my servers looks like it will blow up pretty soon.. so i 'm planning to ...