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New forum discussion 04 Jul 2013
Hi All, I'm trying to access a replicated cifs volume with a second Backup Exec Media server 2012. Both BE Media servers are standalone (no caso) and are in the same domain. When i try to configure the replicated storage as a backup 2 Disk device i get a access denied and ...
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2013
Hi all, Recently i implemented a backup Exec 2012 solution using the VMware option. As I understood from training I need a License for every ESXi Host which contain VM's included in the backup. We are running backups against 6 ESX hosts with a lot of VM's using the ...
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2012
Hi all, I have a Backup Exec 2012 Environment for backups. The most servers are VM's running on VMware 4.1 and some of the servers are Aplliances running some sort of Linux type OS. These Appliances do not have VMware tools or any add-ons and can not be backupped with GRT enables. ...
New forum discussion 26 Nov 2012
I have a large group of users who scheduling mail to be send at a later time. Some of the users do this for a couple of months ahead.  These messages are created with the delay delivery option within outlook. With the introduction of the messaging gateway 10.0.0-7 these outbound ...
New forum discussion 24 Mar 2010
When i start a Duplicate tot tape following a job this duplicate is often failed with a Catalog Error. The problem seems to be random from serveral jobs. I searced the knowledge base for a solution but cannot find any. Is there somebody who sees teh same problems? I'm ...
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2010
I'm running a Backup Exec 2010 media server based on Windows 2008R2 64 Bit for back-ups of VMware vSphere guests using the AVVI and GRT. With the vmdk's on a Lefthand San. The mediaserver has unrestricted access to the datastores on the Lefthand thru iSCSI. Almost every Backup Full ...
New forum discussion 27 Sep 2005
Dear Forum Members,I'm very new on quotamanagement and have to deal with a large number of users that vary on regular basis.The problem is as follows:I have 1 disk with homespaces and on that disk are homspaces for users, instructors and students. The in ...
New forum discussion 16 Mar 2005
When I use a Remote agent and IDR to backup a Windows Xp system the backup ends successful but when I compare the files on tape with the files on the XP machine i'm missing several files from the \system32 directory.I searched the forum but can not find any answers regarding this ...