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New forum discussion 11 Jun 2013
Hi, One of my clients backups has started failing just recently with error "Drive and media mount requested date Media mount failed". Nothing has changed in the setup of the backup job and the tape should have plenty of space left to complete the job. I am also ...
New forum discussion 04 Apr 2013
Hi, I have a client who uses Backup Exec 2010 R3. Their backups have been running fine for months however over the last couple of weeks their weekly full backup is taking forever to complete. The backup starts at 8pm Friday and is still running Monday morning when the client changes ...
New forum discussion 13 Feb 2013
Hi, I have a client who needs a users mailbox restored from back in Jan 2010. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, however the server and domain that the backup was created on no longer exist. I try to restore from tape but just get an error "Unable to attach to a ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2013
Hi, I want to restore an Exchange mailbox from tape. I have catalogued the tape I want to restore from but I am a little confused. On the tape there are two entries for Exchange - one says #CompanyName - First Storage Group. Listed is Mailbox Store and Public Folder Store. There is ...
New forum discussion 04 May 2012
Final error: 0xe00084af - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed. Final error category: Job Errors Backup- \\Server\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group Database was not found, or could not be accessed Running Backup ...
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2010
I have several clients who use Backup Exec System Recovery who rotate multiple drives per week. I have had to set up a separate job for each drive ie Backup to Disk A, Backup to Disk B etc. Does anyone know how I can set up a single job that will backup to multiple drives? I would like ...
discussion comment 15 Jun 2010
New forum discussion 15 Jun 2010
I have set up a backup job that backs up several drives (C, D, Exchange etc) however I have noticed in the job log that it backs up C drive then goes through and verifies D, Exchange, Shadow Copy Components, etc then goes through and backs up those drives AFTER the verify process.  It is ...