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New forum discussion 19 Aug 2011
Hello All, I have been successful at creating some training laptops with a hidden partition and using the recovery kit, after training or if there is a problem, the system can be rre-imaged by pressing F3 on boot up to start the restore process. We would like to carry this a bit ...
New forum discussion 29 Dec 2008
Is there a command to suppress the ghost splash screen? I've tried using -blind but the screen still comes up and I get an error that it's an unknown keyboard. This is in Ghost.exe in DOS, but I'd like to use it in Ghost32 also for automated installs   Thanks
New forum discussion 18 Sep 2008
I just downloaded SEP32_56to2224_ClientMSPMSI.exe, now my question is, how do I push this out to the clients? Do I need to create a new install package, and if so, how do I make sure that this patch is included?   Thanks for any help   Bob
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2008
OK. I'm tired of wasting CD's and DVD's on this stupid product. I'm trying to make a Winpe boot disk that will restore an image automatically. I was told no you can't do that cause it's too big for one DVD. OK. So, I created the boot cd and then re-created my image ...
New forum discussion 13 Jun 2008
Hi all, I'm able to create a ISO with winpe and then I use UltraISO to edit the startnet.bat file to include switch commands for ghost32.exe. I then add my .gho and .ghs image to the iso, and then re-save it. For testing, I use a VMWare environment and boot from CD ...
New forum discussion 24 Apr 2008
We have been having serious problems with corrupted registry problems. The most common is when a person first powers on or reboots they suddenly get a "Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\system32\config\system We then have ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2008
Hello,         I'm
New forum discussion 21 Nov 2007
Is there a way to incorporate SEP11 with a Ghost image?  I think I need to include the sylink.xml file, but I'm not sure what else needs to go with it.   Many thanks in advance   Bob
New forum discussion 16 Nov 2007
Has anyone tried blocking any applications? I'm trying to figure out how to block apps such as Yahoo Toolbar from installing, but so far no luck. I've tried creating a new rule under policies, and also tried application blocking and creating new under that. No matter what, the ...
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2007
Hello,           I need to create a CD or other media type to install SEP11 to unmanaged laptops, like salesmen laptops, but they need the ability to be able to run live update themselves. Can someone tell me what files I would need to include on the CD? I'd also like ...
New forum discussion 10 Sep 2007
Just wondering if anyone knows why it takes upwards of 9 hours or more to create an image and over 8 hours to restore an image? Both the console and client are on a 100 mb LAN connection and I'm only doing one test client. This is an unacceptable rate for image creation and or ...