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New forum discussion 15 Dec 2014
Hi all, Since last tuesday patch my backup server 2014 wich is running all jobs correctly is showing an issue wich is the following: In the bottom bar if i go be services i get server not available and i can't anything regarding the services, but if o fo windows servives mmc ...
New forum discussion 28 Aug 2014
Hi all. I'm a pleased backup exec beta user. Since version 2010 my jobs to the same type of backup where separated because of version 2012 could do a single job to severall servers at the same time. So after severall weeks of good work with this last beta version that ...
New forum discussion 19 May 2014
Good morning all, Please forgive if this is not the correct place to this issue but: I'm testing the BE 2014 and since last week my BE is always stopping some Enterprise services, like Enterprise Vault Directory,Vault Admin... and so on. The reason for this is that like ...
New forum discussion 18 Sep 2013
Hi all, I wanna know if there is a script that can create from scratch all the index present on the database, because my DB has reached 4GB on Sql express 2008 and i can't afford a sql licence for this. What i can see is that the indexes are huge like 600Mb on Belog table ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2013
Hi all, From time to time i do a test to my data backuped up on symantec BE 2012 by creating a VM on VirtualBox and i do SDR Restore using the SDR Iso built by the BE 2012. One question i do have is : Every time i do a full restore of my SQL Server that is installed on a ...
New forum discussion 06 Dec 2012
Hi all, I have a normal full daily backup of my exchage 2010, and after it terminates it is supposed to duplicate to another disk storage. My first step of the job occours always right but the duplicating says the following errors: SRVSBS01 EXCHANGE BACKUP-Duplicate ...
New forum discussion 06 Dec 2012
Even going to and i confirm that i have the latest SP and all the update up to date. Since two weeks now my two ...