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New forum discussion 07 May 2013
Hi,     I'm wondering if I can migrate from SEP  RU1  12.1.1000.157 to Ru2 MP1 straightway, or I need to go for another version first?   Thanks!
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2011
Hi, I'm looking if anyone is having the same problem that I'm having, there is about 2 months I having a problem with a virus that is hidden folders on my file server.  I've sent many times the suspicius files to Symantec but every week I get the same problem ...
New forum discussion 01 Mar 2011
Hi, Two of my costumers are facing problem with a virus that symantec are not detecting. The virus create many shortcus and hide all files that are in the folder. They are running SEP MR6 MP2 and the SEP clients are up to date. On the print of the folder you can ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2011
Hi, I'm looking for a documentation that state that SEP RU6 MP2 do not block flash drives on 64 bit OS.   Thanks.  
New forum discussion 21 Jan 2011
Hi All, I never had a problem before to block, but at RU6 MP2 I'm having problem to block Autorun. I've placed the policy to the groups but still running autorun and I can see that the policy has been changed and the machines are winxp32bit. Do SEP block ...
New forum discussion 20 Jan 2011
Do Gup Works with windows 2000 PRO SP4 ????   Thanks!!
New forum discussion 10 Jan 2011
Hi, I would like to know if SEPM has another feature to find unmanaged clients, because when i enable the unmanaged detectors on the logs most of the machine has the antivirus installed. Can I trust at this report???   Thanks!!!    
New forum discussion 27 Dec 2010
Hi,   Is there any problem on RU5 with GUPS, I'm asking because I've assigned my servers wich are domain controllers and are not at the same folder that clients are. What I noticed is after I put them as GUP there are some servers that are not getting ...
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2010
Hi, I'm having a problem to add an additional management server. I'm using RU5, I'm adding a new management server because I want to migrate my SEPM to another machine, and I can not use the disaster recovery because the machine that is holding the SEPM at the moment ...
New forum discussion 28 Sep 2010
Hi All, Just to undestand about licensing when i use standalone inventory do the agent use a lincense? How do i implement an rule to delete clients that are not reporting to the console more than 30 days.   Thanks!!!  
discussion comment 24 Sep 2010