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New forum discussion 22 May 2014
hi  my first query: i would like to know is the bare metal recovery work in different OS for Ex i have AD server in 2003 enviroment,is i am able to the bare metal restore oN 2008 r2 envirment ? my seconed query :  i have one window server A and window ...
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2014
HI, i would like to know if we dont purchase the agent for application and database for my AD server and SQl server,i will purchase only agent for window  then is there any method i can take the back up of both server and ensure there recovery even if i need to do the ...
New forum discussion 09 Mar 2014
Hi All, i have query on VMware V-RAY edition Licensing,i am going through the licesing guide of symantec. symantec V-RAY Lic Includes the following  1 backup Exec Server Agent for application and db for unlimited VM  deduplication ...
New forum discussion 02 Mar 2014
Hi All, my older backup Exec  server got crashed now i am creating a new backup server,i dont have backup of Database, now how can i connect my clients to connect to new server,is i need to do push installation again or is there any other way so that my client can speak to ...
New forum discussion 24 Aug 2013
hi i need help from the people who is selling backup Solution,i have to create a solution docoument which explain how the backup exec works with diagram, 1 hyper-v server on which VM is created 2 file server Storage will be on SAN can any body provide ...
discussion comment 24 Jul 2013
discussion comment 23 Jul 2013
New forum discussion 23 Jul 2013
Hi All,   one of my customer have following server    1 exchange server on citrix VM Data is 1 TB. 1 File server on citrix vm data is 500 gb  1 DB server 500 gb    as citrix ...
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2013
i am planning to use location awarness feature.but i am confused that what should i blocked for user when they are on remote location or wroking from home i can do about webfiltring but what are other service that should be blocked when the user is not in my corporate ...
New forum discussion 30 May 2013
By default, Windows is configured to allow a maximum of 5000 TCP connections simultaneously. With this configuration, the GUP is capable of serving 40 client connections per second. Windows can be configured to allow a maximum of 65534 TCP connections simultaneously. With this ...
New forum discussion 30 May 2013
kindly confirm is it right or wrong  heartbeat interval time : 15 min means client will check for policy updates and upload there log files every 15 min, randomization 5 min means client will check for virus  updates 
New forum discussion 26 May 2013
hi my file server got infected from virus,it has created some porn folder and hinde some folder, i can see that folder if i am browsing through Address bar,but cant see them when going to there folder directly. i have submited files to virus total.they have suggested me ...