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New forum discussion 06 Aug 2013
I am installing a new Vault server on WIndows 2008 R2 and want to install MSMQ but want them on a non system Drive I cannot for life of me remember how to get MSMQ on D drive of server. I must have done this before and fogotten There does not seem to be any option in the Add ...
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2013
I have just upgraded Vault fropm 9.01 to 9.04 R1 When I came to upgrade the placeholder service on the file servers two came up with an error and rolled back install. Error message was error 5 and seemed to be permissions error. I read some messages on forum about this happening with ...
New forum discussion 19 Aug 2012
For some reason FSA archiving has stopped and I am not sure why. Eveything looks OK the tasks run and give a report with this comment "No items were matched by any rule. This volume has not yet been fully processed so the results may be incomplete." This has been ...
New forum discussion 02 Jul 2012
I am having a day of it with Vault. See earlier problems. I need to migrate some users to a new server and because of space limitations are investigating the FSAUtility -m option. I am using fsautility -m -s \\server1\Archive Point\users\name -d \\server2\archive ...
New forum discussion 02 Jul 2012
I am having problems with extracting files from old archives becuase the archives increase in size when I extract the files. I presume this is becuase the data will be in CAB files and pulling it back expands the CAB file using more space, I already have one vault store partition that ...
New forum discussion 27 Jun 2012
I have a file server volume that is archiving fine. Recently I had to add some extra data and as the volume was reaching its 2TB limit (32 bit server) I created a folder and mounted a new voluem using NTFS mount and allowed data to be placed on this folder. However when an archive runs it ...
New forum discussion 28 Jul 2011
I use HP Dataprotector (Omniback) for all backups and untill recently it worked fine backing up EV FSA file shortcuts. However a recent upgrade of server to 2008 and then SP1 Dataprotector is no longer backing up the shortcuts. In fact it doesnt even see them. I presume the Offline attribute ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2011
How can I tell if the exchange tasks are actually processing. With FSA the task changes from running to processing so it is easy to tell when the task is working but with Exchange the mailbox task shows running regardless. As we do not get reports from exchange tasks how do I tell when the ...
New forum discussion 26 May 2011
I am trying to install EV 9.01 on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit. Running the Deployment Scanner I get a warning MSMQ Memory threshold is set to 0 or cannot be found. I had several MSMQ errors originally but following the recommended registry settings have resolved the rest. Is this warning important ...