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New forum discussion 21 Oct 2006
My file server kept freezing when EV server start archiving the files. The policy started for 30 minutes and then I cannot connect to the server. I tried to stop the file place holder service and all EV services on the EV server, and the server still froze up. I ended up rebooting the file ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2006
I am evaluating EV file archiving for my company. Would anyone here knows the answer for any of questions below?How to determine SIS for file archiving? How does the collector compression work?If part of the vaulted files (place holder) are moved to a ...
New forum discussion 17 Aug 2006
Is it possible to delete file place holder without permanently removing the actual file?
New forum discussion 14 Aug 2006
Hi,Does anyone here has experience working with historical vault option and tell me if this is worth the purchase? There is not a lot of documentation relating this option. Thanks,Sam
New forum discussion 14 Aug 2006
Now that SP3 is out and EV claimed that this will support rpc over https. Here are my questions.If rpc-https is supported, how will the vault messages be redirected? Is it going to be the same where the vaulted message will be pointed back to the EV server via HTTP and restore ...
discussion comment 14 Aug 2006
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2006
We have roughly 100 mailboxes are archived into EV. I just assigned a task to perform couple of phrase search against these mailboxes. I know a way is to grant myself permission to each archive and use the web interface to search each archive one at a time. Is there a better way to allow ...
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2006
In outlook, you can embed a word document in an message. So rather then as an attachment, the word document content is actually in the message body. How does EV treat these kind of messages? Will it seperate the embedded message body as an attachment? Will the content be searchable?
New forum discussion 05 Jul 2006
What are the steps to recover deleted vault items? One of the users permenantly deleted couple of vaulted email items a week ago, and now he wants to recover them back. I have the backup for the deleted vault item, but how do I restore them back into the EV environment? We are running EV ...