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Scott Jones Symantec Employee

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Job Title: Business Critical Engineer, Symantec

Scott is a Business Critical Engineer with Symantec, supporting Workspace Streaming and Workspace Virtualization on site at one of Symantec's largest customers.

As Product Manager, Scott was part of the original team that developed and released Altiris SVS (Software Virtualization Solution), now Symantec Workspace Virtualization.

Member for: 9 years 18 weeks
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New forum discussion 21 Oct 2011
Is anyone using Symantec Enterprise Vault -- specifically, the new Virtual Vault feature -- with Outlook in an SWV layer?  Any gotchyas, tips, etc.?  Tried it with each in a separate layer?  Same layer?  Etc.? Would love to learn from your experiences if ...
New blog entry 17 Oct 2011
We're looking for someone with good customer-facing skills and a strong packaging background to work as a Symantec Business Critical Engineer, supporting the Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite on site at a major customer in the Jersey City (NYC Metro) area. To view the posting, please ...
New forum discussion 14 Jun 2010
I need a WiseScript that will reset a network adapter on WIndows 7, either one specific adapter or "all" (there's only one in the machine). Anyone have such a thing or know how to easily create it?  :) Thanks, Scott Jones
New video 19 Feb 2009
Check out this dramatic video from HP showing the sub-two-minute automated fail over of a complete data center. Also, follow this link to learn how Veritas Data Center software from Symantec can ...
New forum discussion 12 Feb 2009
I've been putting TurboTax in a layer since tax year 2005. TT is a perfect use case for SVS, as it's transitory software (generally, use once for a few days or weeks and then you want to remove it). Not to mention that keeping old versions archived in VSAs means you can quickly go back to ...
New blog entry 29 Jan 2009
Ever run into a layer that you just couldn't export, delete, or maybe even reset without an error? There can be a few different causes, such as a file in the layer ...
New blog entry 04 Dec 2008
On Dec. 2, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued US patent #7,461,096, "Weighted prioritizing layered computing system." This is the fourth patent issued around the ...
New download 03 Dec 2008
GIMP is one of the most popular open source applications on the Web. From the project site: "GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed ...
New download 03 Dec 2008
"Dia is a GTK+ based diagram creation program for ... Windows released under the GPL license. ... It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML ...
New download 02 Dec 2008
Mozilla Thunderbird is an easy-to-use, open source e-mail client that offers the same extensibility and security that Firefox is known for. Get details on Thunderbird ...
New download 02 Dec 2008
Firefox 3 ("the best yet") is here, to much fanfare. With over 8 million downloads in the ...