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New forum discussion 13 Dec 2013
I have a question about the Altiris Patch Mgmt solution for Windows. Special note:  I do not have the additional pieces for the client management suite, I only have patch management. I am missing critical updates from Microsoft.  They are KB articles (not the ...
New forum discussion 28 May 2013
I have DLP version 11.6.  I mirror traffic from the MTA SMTP servers into my DLP Network Monitor servers.  I am not trying to stop emails but rather I watch for incidents. I have been working on a very strange issue where I am missing some SMTP email traffic.  In ...
New forum discussion 16 Jan 2013
Hi, I have a strange incident where I cannot seem to get the compliance for a particular update to show up in the reporting. I am on Altiris patch management for Windows 7.1 sp2. The update KB2726382 just won't show up at all in the compliance reports. If ...
New forum discussion 24 Oct 2012
I need to make sure I understand something about Altiris Patch Management 7.1 sp2. I only have Patch Management and I do not have the full Client Management Suite.  In particular, I do NOT have software management. Using Patch Management for Windows, I can see the Service ...
New forum discussion 02 Oct 2012
Hello, I have DLP 11.5.  I have been asked to run the endpoint discover on a PC looking for specific content.  If I find the content then I need to copy the entire document(s) back to a local server where I can view the data.  I cannot remove or disturb the original file ...
New forum discussion 20 Apr 2011
Is anyone else getting the following Windows 2003 server application event log error on the Notification Server running Altiris 7.0 Patch Management? Event Type: Warning Event Source: W3SVC-WP Event Category: None Event ID: 2262
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2011
I am running version 7 of Altiris Patch Management.  I have set up patch administrators to patch with filters.  I am having trouble getting the report function to work on the Notification Server.  I can grant access to use the reports.  When the users input their specific ...
New forum discussion 27 Jan 2011
Hello. I have been using Altiris Patch Mgmt 7 for 1 year and I cannot figure out how to do this so I thought I would post the question. Is there a way I could send a notification email to myself showing the status of servers after they were patched?  For example:  I ...