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New forum discussion 10 Dec 2014
We are planning to put up additional SEP Managers with one database (load balance and failover), endpoints are assigned to specific SEP manager based on regions via management list. The architecture will look like this: SEP Manager 1 – region1 clients (has internet access for ...
New forum discussion 01 Dec 2014
Hi all, I am missing events data class for AeX Client Logon for a computer,  the agent was pushed to it almost 2 weeks ago. Inventory for hardware and software data are there. Under events though Software Management and Software Update folders are also ...
New forum discussion 24 Oct 2014
is SEP client version 12.1.5 (RU5) compatible with SEP Manager 12.1.4 (RU4)? I ask because we have a bunch of OSX Yosemite latest mac os.  can I install SEP Client 12.1.5 (RU5) on a mac and have it report to a SEP Manager running on SEP 12.1.4 (RU4)?
New forum discussion 16 Sep 2014
Is this possible to import or export Hardware list?
New forum discussion 10 Sep 2014
I am creating a process that would move an endpoint from one group to another group with different sets of policy such as device control etc, remotely.  I have been trying to import communication settings remotely via sylink, i even tried importing communication settings manually to move ...
New forum discussion 09 Sep 2014
Is it possible to create an umanaged sep client with device control to block usb drives?  These computers will never have contact to the SEP Manager
discussion comment 28 Aug 2014
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2014
How would I setup a location awareness so that a set of policy is enforced when there is no network connectity?
New forum discussion 26 Aug 2014
I created a job to uninstall old AV and install latest version of SEP Client. The job gives an option to restart or not to restart after uninstalling old AV.  Now here is my question, we are running older 12.1.1 SEP Client and will upgrade to the latest client, is it ok to not reboot ...
New forum discussion 21 Jul 2014
Do I need to disable Policies such as patch policies before upgrading from 7.1 to 7.5?
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2014
microsoft security advisory 2982792 but I it is not showing up in our remedation center in Altiris, has symantec released the pmimport for this?