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New forum discussion 19 May 2013
Hi, When I try to rescan the Backup Device, I have encountered the following: Device configuration commit failed The EMM server failed to process the request. SQL query returned integrity constraint violation( 78 )  Any idea how to solve it? Thanks.
New forum discussion 23 Nov 2010
Hi,  SLP or Vault is more appropriate to be used for duplication ?  Thank you.
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2010
Hi, Do I need to create the Boot CD for each restore? Once I execute the "Prepare-To-Restore", do I need to create particular Boot CD for that client? or I could use a generic Boot CD ? Thanks.
New forum discussion 14 Jul 2010
Hi, I have maked the ovpass device for AIX media server, but I not able to scan the robotic device and only tape drive. I have used the following command to create ovpass device: # /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/driver/install_ovpass # mkdev -c media_changer -s fcp -t ovpass ...
New forum discussion 03 May 2010
Hi, Just would like check about the pros and cons for enabling unrestricted media sharing for all media servers. There are few benefits for enabling the feature: ■ Increases media utilization by reducing the number of partially full media. ■ Reduces ...
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2010
 Hi, I have performed MS Exchange GRT backup to disk staging then relocate to tape.  I have configured the retention to 1 month (4 weeks) for backup to disk staging, the retention for data in the tape will also have 1 month retention. After that I will ...
New forum discussion 01 Feb 2010
Hi, I would like ask about opinion on whether want to use failover cluster or enhanced media server configuration (as described in Veritas NetBackup High Availability Administrator’s Guide) ? In my environment, I have MS Windows 2003 R2 SP2, Exchange 2007 and ...
New forum discussion 30 Nov 2009
 Hi, Can I expire tape using NetBackup Administration Console GUI instead of bpexpdate command ? bpexpdate command can only be executed by root / administrator user. Any idea? Thank you.
New forum discussion 13 Oct 2009
Hi, Is there anyone tried before to merge multiple master servers catalog (from multiple backup domains) into single catalog ? And after that, the master servers will be converted to be media servers. I have read thru the Document