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New forum discussion 13 Aug 2009
Hi all, We are using backup exec 12.5 to backup our exchange server, now for a test I am attempting a disaster recovery simulation in our test lab. I have got as far as installing exchange using the /disasterrecovery switch all has gone well so far I have then installed SP1 again using ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2009
the reporting element from the management console is broken for instance if I click the more details from the security status it will launch internet explorer as its meant to but then ie will crash and not generate the report. I spoke to one of our guys from our internal development team and ...
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2008
I have succesfully setup a central quarentine server that all of our clients submit there virus samples to. This has been working fine but I opened the management console to see that although some of the samples had been submitted to symantec alot of them say that an internal failure occured ...
New forum discussion 03 Oct 2008
I dont know how easy this is to implemement into the management server but a really usefull feature would be to be able to schedule the manager to send out WOL packets to clients at a specific time ie when no one is in the office using them perform a full scan and then shut the client down ...
discussion comment 29 Sep 2008
New forum discussion 18 Apr 2008
Hi   I have recently upgraded to MR2 and after this upgrade decided that the management console didn't need the device control feature on it so I re-deployed another package with just the antivirus part. The problem is the mouse is still disabled even without ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2008
hi,   at random times throughout the day I will be unable to connect to the management console i get a message informing me that the server is unavailable if I go into services the endpoint protection manager has some how stopped its self randomly if I restart the ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2008
The following message has appeared in my event viewer on the management server as of the 28/1/08   and is still apearing now witht the latest entry being the 3/3/08   Could not scan 4 files inside (file location) due to extraction errors ...
New forum discussion 14 Feb 2008
After deploying Endpoint with network threat protection enabled it prevents us from being able to use our helpdesk software which uses sqlexpress database on a remote machine unless we try and open it about 50 times and then it eventually lets us in. If we temporarily disable threat ...
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2008
Hi,   Within the organisation that I work we have a number of field based employees and I was wandering if it is possible to have clients in the field connected and managed by our sepm console is there any way of doing this over the internet as they all have 3g modems ...