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New forum discussion 23 Mar 2012
We have four Windows 2008 R2 SP1 SFW 5.1 HA clusters haring Files. The all have same configuration in terms of service pack, version of SFW 5.1 CP8 and Windows 2008 R2 SP1 however the way sharing works differ between these clusters. If SFW creates a share on Cluster 1 ...
New forum discussion 10 Feb 2012
Hello, I am looking for a command which would print out the details of the current replication status. Any of these details would be enough: - Replicator Log %% or - Blocks Pending The reason is to create  replication monitor that would allow ...
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2011
We have occasional requests to export all previously archived email from enterprise vault into a .pst file so that a user who leaves an organization to another departmental group which does not have our vaulting solution could take the mailbox content with them. The requests do not come ...
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2011
DA is licensed per user. Does this refer to a vaulted user mailbox archive or the administrator who is going to use the software? We have only a couple administrators where the DA is going to be installed but we have thousand mailboxes that could potentially be searched for items ...
New forum discussion 05 Oct 2011
Hello, Our active Volume with FSA data is 800GB on a Windows Server. Free space left is 50GB Total archived volume (if extracted from Vault) is close to 3TB. We require to migrate this data to NetApp device which in turn requires an extraction of all the data into ...
New forum discussion 20 Sep 2011
We have a share on a fileserver for which the archive point was re-created and now we have two separate Vault FSA archives (e.g. Archive_A and Archive_B) with different files from exactly same remote path. Large number of files have already been archived into a new archive ...
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2011
A group of our business users has been e-mail archived  and now we have to restore all their vaulted items back into mailboxes. Archiving them was a planning mistake. Using archive explorer or a restore option from search to restore all items does work, however it creates a second ...
New forum discussion 11 May 2011
Having error 6742 for some larger .PST files when attempting to ingest them into Archive. "The mailbox does not have enough space ...." etc... One of the solutions for previous vault versions was to convert unstructured archive into structured and there was a utility ...
discussion comment 11 May 2011
New forum discussion 11 May 2011
I have been working on an automation script which would list multiple directories from an input configuration file where each folder is matched with Vault's mailbox archive, lists all the .pst files in all these multiple directories and would create a bunch of batch files with matching ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2008
I am looking for a way to export the Youngest archived item information from mailbox archive into a text file or ability to just read it. This is the information presented within the GUI under the Advanced tab of Archive Properties of a mailbox archive. Is this ...
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2007
How do we ZAP Permissions on FileSystem Archive?The following below seems to work only on E-mail archives and I need to remove automatically set permissions on FSA archive, since it matches the share and not NTFS permissions. DirectoryComputerName =VAULTSERVER