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New forum discussion 25 Sep 2012
I am running BE2012 SP1.  I am unable to backup a powered off VMware Virtual Machine.  The job will error stating "Could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server. Please verify the credential supplied for login."  If I test the credentials for the particular VM ...
New forum discussion 19 Sep 2012
I am using BE2012 with the latest updates.  When i attempt to browse the backup sets on our QNAP NAS storage device it will display the latest backup sets correctly.  As you scroll down the list, the listing will jump around and display "Loading.."  It appears the ...
New forum discussion 07 Jul 2012
Over the last few weeks my Backup Exec 2010 server has been unable to successfully complete a full backup.  The job usually fails about 3/4 through the job.  No subsequent backup jobs will run until the server has restarted.  The server over this last week was able to complete ...
New forum discussion 21 May 2012
I'd like to change the username used by the System Logon Account in BackupExec 2010.  Can I delete the account an recreate the System Logon Account using a new user?  Will this impact existing backup jobs?
New forum discussion 13 Feb 2012
I upgraded our SEMP from 11.0.6-MP3 to 11.0.7-MP1.  I went through and deleted a number of old client install packages.  There were a few times where the database appeared to time out during this process and had to rebuild itself after a reboot.  The last install package I was ...
New forum discussion 24 Jan 2012
The virus definitions for my Symantec Messaging Appliance 9.5.2-3 have not updated since def 2012-1-20(4).  I see the following errors in my logs: JLU security error 235: A package retrieved from the LiveUpdate server failed verification followed by, [54042] ...
New forum discussion 19 Oct 2011
I have noticed that since I have upgraded to 9.5.2-3 of SMG, VMware DR is unable to successfully take a snapshot of the virtual machine.  It errors out with "failed to create snapshot, error -3960 (cannot quiesce virtual machine).  The following errors appear in the VM's ...