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New forum discussion 27 Apr 2015
Hi, I've been searching the forums for how to do this and did not come up with much. My drive that hosts the Backup Exec SQL database is filling up my OS drive and I want to move it off of that drive onto a dedicated array for Backup Exec. How do I accomplish this? Can someone point me ...
New forum discussion 17 Dec 2012
Hi all, I've recently rebuilt a media server and I'm in the process of cataloging and restoring certain files that I need. I've been cataloging tapes successfully, but when I go to the Restore wizard on that server, the wizard does not show those media sets. I've set ...
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2012
I have recently have upgraded to 2012 and installed the latest service pack (SP1a) on Friday. I've been running backups, and they're all completing successfully with no errors stated in the job logs. However when I go into the tapes themselves to examine the backed up content, ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2012
Currently I have a new Backup Exec server, and I'm in the act of cataloging old media from different servers. Everything seems to have installed fine (BE and the SQL components), and I was able to properly install the tape devices and drivers. I'm also able to inventory and read tapes ...
New forum discussion 15 Sep 2011
Hello all, I'm currently attempting to diagnose why my remote backup is extremely slow. By extremely slow I mean running at 5.0MB a minute! The remote computer is an FTP server, NOT on our domain. I did manage to push out the remote agent onto the remote FTP server, however it does ...
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2011
Hi, I am currently backing up to LTO4 with Backup Exec 12.5. I am currently backing up folders that are around 620 - 670 GB of information. The contents of the folders are .mov's and .mp4's (large movie files and their generated proxy files). The issue that I am currently ...
New forum discussion 16 Feb 2011
Hi guys, I'm attempting to do DB2 backups and they are failing with the following errors: "E0000430 - The Database script returned an error. Refer to the Database script output section in job logs for more details." For each of the DB2 ...
New forum discussion 28 Dec 2010
Currently I am attempting to remove devices from the device pool and reinstall my TL4000 drivers as I am experiencing the good ol BSOD related to driver issues. However I cannot remove any of the entries for the missing devices (as seen by the attached screenshots). I have attempted to run ...