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New forum discussion 07 Oct 2012
In my LIVE Env, i have SUN machine SPARC Entry Server. NetBackup 6.5 master/media on it. Requirement is to upgrade it to 7.5 Master/Media and clients ORACLE RMAN Backups on solaris machines. kindly correct me if i am wrong. the steps i will follow are: 1) Download NBU 7 ...
New forum discussion 02 Oct 2012
Team, I have a quick question, i have one cartridge in a POOL XYZ, the  cartridge is now full. I have monthly, weekly & daily backups. i have deleted the older backups via bpexpdate -backupid ABC01_A_Backup_1344457991 -d ...
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2012
i have expired Backup_id images via         bpexpdate -backupid ABC01_A_Backup_1344457991 -d 0 how can i free the space in the cartridge ? Cartridge is still showing me the full space in the GUI POOL.
New forum discussion 18 Sep 2012
Team, I am little worried about the NetBAckup Backing UP Speed. Env: NBU Master Server 7.5 ---> 16 GB, 2 * Intel Xeon 5600 Series, 2 * 300 SAS 10k disks, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. NBU Media Server 7.5  ---> 16 GB, ...
New forum discussion 07 Sep 2012
“Until now, BMR supported EMC Powerpath solution. But the demand for native multipath is increasing, which is a platform-independent technique. To cater to this demand, support for native multipath is added in BMR 7.5 for the Linux platform.” BMR supports only EMC ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2012
Hi team, I am trying to setup a VXVM env in testing, which is in actuall a LIVE env. A) on ESX Server 5i,    1) two shared disks created via: vmkfstools -c 5G -d eagerzeroedthick -a lsilogic disk1.vmdk   2) two solaris 10 u9 machines: ...
New forum discussion 24 Jul 2012
Hi Techi, Does Netbackup 7.1 Supports BMR in ESX 5i. I have installed NBU 7.1 in ESX 5i Server and Created machine for NBU Master/Media and a Solaris Client for BMR testing. Does NBU 7.1 Support BMR in Virtual Machine?
New forum discussion 23 Jul 2012
I am doing a BMR restore but encountered with following error; Error: ///////////////////////////////////////////////// The requested operation could not be completed. The server returned code 1. [Error] V-126-9 Could not find true image date. please make sure ...