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New forum discussion 09 Nov 2014
Hi All,   Please clarify that Symantec Endpoint Protection is bundled with Enterprise Mobility Management;   Thanks in advance, Good day & Cheers!
discussion comment 29 Sep 2014
New forum discussion 29 Sep 2014
Hi All!!   Need to know if the below product complies with all the features mentioned in the attached RFP;   SYMC PROTECTION SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION 4.0 PER USER BNDL MULTI LIC GOV BAND A ESSENTIAL 36 MONTHS; SKU - 4GMSOZF0-EI3GA;
New forum discussion 17 Sep 2014
Hi All,   Kindly clarify if the below features are included in "SYMC ENCRYPTION DESKTOP CORPORATE"; Standard: OpenPGP Standard Type: RSA Size: 4096/4096 Expiry Date: Required (Recommended life 2 to 5 years) Ciphers Allowed: AES , AES256 ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2014
Hi,   On Application agents proposed in projects where those applications are unknown to us, in such cases we can only take the backup using windows agent. Correct me if i am wrong, please;   Cheers! Thanks!
New forum discussion 09 Jun 2014
Hi Everyone,   Can anyone send me a link providing comaprison between Commvault and Symantec products;   Symantec Netbackup & Backup Exec to be preicise;
New forum discussion 23 Apr 2014
Hi All, One of my clients has two exchange servers (physical); What must he use if he requires Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) on these servers; - Number of mail box : 200 - Number of mail box servers ( Not using DAG ): 2 - Servers : physical - ...
New forum discussion 15 Apr 2014
Hi All, Can someone please advise on what is the replacement product for (Backup Exec 2012) agent for SAP or is it bundled along with other agents? One of my customer purchase agent for SAP three years back and now it is due for renewal of support, what must be ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2014
Hi All,   One of my client has around 14TB of raw data on the primary site and requires a back up; The backup is taken onto a VM;   Please clarify if 14 licenses of Sym BE Capacity Edition (PER TB) is required for the primary site or both the ...
New forum discussion 18 Mar 2014
Hi, Since Network Access Control is an End of life product; What is the replacement solution in this? One of my client is asking for 300 Symantec Endpoint Protection Licenses and NAC as an add-on; Please advise; Attached EOL information of NAC;
New forum discussion 27 Feb 2014
Shwin23 posted: CSP
Hi,  Regarding Symantec Critical Systems Protect: The default install provides only for Unix & Windows Policy templates. I need the Policy templates (Prevention & Detection) for the following OS'es 1. Linux 2. Solaris 3. AIX   Please ...
New forum discussion 27 Feb 2014
Hi, Regarding Symantec End Point Protection: I have the following query; 1. Virtual Image Exception 2. Shared Insight Cache The Vietool <drive> --generate has been executed on the Virtual Template and the Shared Insight Cache server has been setup & ...
discussion comment 12 Feb 2014
New forum discussion 12 Feb 2014
Hi all,   One of my clients is running 1000 client machines and 10 servers; He wants to use Symantec Endpoint protection for both his servers and clients for anti-virus; In this case, i have advised him to go for 1010 (1000+10) Symantec Endpoint protection ...
discussion comment 10 Feb 2014