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New forum discussion 27 Apr 2015
   What Kind of Problems I can face if my Control Center is running on a Different version than Scanners .  
New forum discussion 29 Dec 2014
DO we have a Collector from Symantec which can Collect AUD Files . As far as I know , all Oracle event collectors basically work using a THIN JDBC Client .
New forum discussion 24 Dec 2014
Even Though SSIM is going in few months , we are  still using it for now and it might be with us for couple of few months . I need help from those who knows on how to extract data using Advanced SQL Queries . What I was is to extract either ofthe following All the Assets ...
New forum discussion 27 Nov 2014
Just wanted to know if there is a SSIM Event Agent for Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition  . I have discussed this topic before I never got the proper answer . At the moment , I can collect Windows 2012 event logs via an Off box SSIM Agent Setup .  However I have a specific situation ...
New forum discussion 31 Aug 2014
We are facing a wierd Problem . On some of our Windows 2008 Servers ,the Gateway record ( Part of TCP/IPI Version 4 ) disappears . To get the Gateway record again ,you need to uninstall Symantec endpoint Protection . The version being used is 12.1.4013.4013 .
New forum discussion 14 May 2014
Ever Since I Upgraded SMG from 9.5.3-3 to 10.0.3-3 , it is not updating from the LUA whereas LUA is downloading the file on daily basis .In order to test , I changed the settings to download Rapid Response Updates .it worked and SMG got updated but it is using too much bandwidth . I can see ...
New forum discussion 03 Dec 2013
Dear  , We are using PGP Universal Server however we were not using it for full extent . Now we want to use it to Roll out PGP Desktop to some clients and Enable Whole disk Encryption . With the help of a vendor in the past , we have created a Policy in PGP and mapped it with one of AD ...