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New forum discussion 17 Mar 2014
Hi, While doing NDMP restore while selecting all the folders, I getting error  (NDMP policy restore error(2813). 3/14/2014 6:42:06 PM - begin reading 3/14/2014 6:42:11 PM - Error ndmpagent(pid=25298) ndmp_data_start_recover failed, status = 9 ...
New forum discussion 11 Aug 2013
Hi, We are planning to take FULL & Incremantal ( SAP - BR TOOL with RMAN ) backup in our Environment. Please share if you have any document how to configure SAP using netbackup script. Thanks in Advance. Soap Raj...
New forum discussion 22 May 2013
Hi, Catalong backup is failing with error code 2: 22/05/2013 13:38:13 - Info bpdbm(pid=13940) staging relational database files for catalog backup      22/05/2013 13:38:13 - Info bpdbm(pid=13940) staging NBAZDB backup to N:\Program ...
New forum discussion 16 Jan 2013
Hi, Requirement: I need to take a backup of a cluster server ( windows 2008) through dedicated NIC. Environment Details: Master & Media Server: Windows 2008 with Version. What is the best way to configure the backup through dedicated NIC and ...
New forum discussion 03 Jan 2013
Hi All, Requirement: I need to configure a Flash back as we identified lot of small files in c drive around 48 lakhs files in 115 GB. I know that we will not able to take Flash backup for C drive. So, we are going to add a Local \SAN drive to move the small files folder to another ...
New forum discussion 20 Dec 2012
Hi, Environment: Master & Media Server - Windows 2008 R2 NetBackup Verison      - HP Ultrium 5 Tape Drive - 8 We have created 3 Policy with different Storage Unit with same Volume Pool with Infinity Rentention. I ...
New forum discussion 12 Dec 2012
Hi All, Hi Guys, I have netbackup and One Master & Media Server with Window 2008 R2 Enterprise in my environment. I need to add one server to our backup environment. Adding Server Requirement: Server: Windows 2008 Netbackup going to ...
New forum discussion 26 Nov 2012
Hi All, I have configured SLP Policy and working fine. I need few information and clarification. Environment: Master& Media  Server: 2008 & Primary Source: Quantum DXI DR Target: Quantum DXI SLP Policy Job completed ...
New forum discussion 17 Aug 2012
Hi All, I need to know how configure or install RMAN backup in our environment. Environment Details: Master & Media Server OS: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprises. Netbackup Version: Details:  We need to take RMAN backup from Unix ...