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New forum discussion 05 Nov 2013
Still trying to automate our patching... I have all MSFT servers in one filter, targeting via OS. I have another filter for Exceptions. I have to wait for the patches to be approved (sometimes 2-3 months later)to install patches. The monthly policy targets the "All MSFT ...
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2013
Hi, I am trying to understand the full detailed process of how a machine gets patched.  I realize that there are white papers on the entire PM solution, but that is not what I am asking for. What I am looking for is detailed information about how the agent does the patching ...
New forum discussion 23 Sep 2013
Hi, Currently using 7.1 SP2 Patch Management.  We basically create a policy for certain patches, targetting all of our servers.  The plug-in policy is set up to allow us to manually run the software updates.  We are in the pilot stage and moving servers over from WSUS to ...
New forum discussion 16 Aug 2013
Hi All, Please tell me how the Altiris console handles patches pulled by the vendors. Also, why would certain patches be missing? This month's releases are causing questions: MS13-066 - Pulled by MSFT, but still in my list. MS13-064 - Pulled by MSFT, not in my list. MS13-061 - Not pulled, ...
New forum discussion 03 Jul 2013
Hi, I am looking for some suggestions in planning a move from WSUS to Altiris 7.1 for patching. I work in a 24 hour environment. The solution needs to automate workstation install on the 3rd Wednesday 3:00am every month, like WSUS does. However, there needs to be room for exceptions as well. ...
New forum discussion 13 Mar 2013
Greetings, I need a query / report / filter (something) where I can get the names of mobile workstations (laptops, tablets, etc) which are missing a specific software.  My idea would be to use some kind of  battery object combined with something not listed in add/remove ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2013
Hi, Yesterday, I was working with setting up site services properly.  I didn't think I changed anything on SMP 7.1 with the tasks. Today, some of my users cannot use the Run Script commands needed to deploy images.  They get an error which says:  "You ...