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New issue 19 Mar 2013
When restoring an entire Mailbox to a PST beremote.exe crashes on edbprov.dll and the job fails.  This is seen when the restore job is targeted to a local folder on the Backup Exec media server.
New issue 12 Feb 2013
An Exchange Mailbox PST restore to a shared folder restores successfully but the PST is not on the share
New issue 29 Jan 2013
After a successful Oracle backup the logon credentials used for the backup are changed to the System Logon account causing subsequent jobs to fail.
New issue 25 Jan 2013
Duplicate of a full VMware backup fails with 0xe0009444 - The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted
New issue 24 Jan 2013
VMware Differential backup fails with 0xe0009585 - Unable to open a disk of the virtual machine when backup is targeted to a Backup Exec Deduplication folder
New issue 17 Apr 2012
0xe000a441 - Failed to get the hidden virtual machine folder, cannot continue with the conversion Please refer to the technote for more information regarding this error.  
New issue 21 Sep 2011
 This Issue is currently under investigation.  Please review the attached technote for more information, including workaround information. 
New issue 13 Jul 2011
Problem When backing up VMware Virtual Machines the job may fail with 0xe000fe34 - A checksum of the data has failed.  This error may occur if the Backup is configured to use Software Encryption, the backup is targeted to a tape ...
New issue 20 Apr 2011
Problem: An Oracle restore of a Backup with Software Encryption enabled will fail with “An error occurred when attempting to initialize encryption for job.” Resolution: Symantec Software Alert for Backup Exec - ...
New issue 20 Apr 2011
Problem: When two or more Oracle Databases are backed up to a Backup Exec Deduplication Storage Folder during the same job the backup set is corrupted and a restore from the set fails.  This will go unnoticed if Verify is disabled during the Backup Job.  If ...