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  • Symantec Technical Foundations: Security Solutions 1.0
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  • Altiris Client Management Suite and Server Management Suite
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2010
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  • Symantec Protection Suite: Small Business Edition, Advanced Business Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • Symantec System Recovery 2011
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New forum discussion 13 Nov 2013
I am testing Symantec NAC solution for gateway enforcer. When my test pc is not installed nac agent, I can find agent program from redirection web page. So I can easily installed nac agent. I need host integration check. If my test pc is installed nac agent and not ...
New forum discussion 13 Nov 2013
I read 12.0.1 release notes and I found support for windows 8. But, not supported windows store apps. And Symantec Technical Support will not resolve issues that are specific to using Symantec Data Loss Prevention for detecting content and activities of Windows ...
New forum discussion 07 Nov 2013
Hi? I received the release note about new SMG 10.5. I think, That is good function. And I want to show my customer about DISARM. How can I Demo about DISARM. Are there sample files for DISARM demo?? Then How? - I can installing, ...
New forum discussion 07 Nov 2013
My customer's Question about DLP. Users store data to the D partition. And C partion is OS. When User format and reinstall OS on the C partion. Then at this time there is no dlp agent. User can copy the data from D partion to USB HDD at the new ...
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2013
Hi, Now we are demo testing at customer's site. They have Exchange 2010 and SMG is Integreated AD for Notify distribution lists. Custmer want to change font in Notify distribution lists. SMG version is 10.0.1-2. Is it possible??? I can't find any ...
New forum discussion 03 May 2012
Hi? When I installing SEPM ( on the Win2008 R2 Enterprise ), pop-up the wsh error message and can't install anymore. Symantec recommand, repair the wmi component, but our customer is not contracted MS Support. So We did reinstall OS and installing SEPM, but it happen ...
New forum discussion 01 May 2012
Hi? I want to deploy Lightsout function with Pcanywhere. First, I installed SRD lightsout option with Pcanywhere enable ( maybe pcanywhere service auto start ) At the admin's system installed Pcanywhere ( 12.5.1 version ). After lightsouts system booting, ...
New forum discussion 28 Apr 2012
I have problem with add NIC Driver on the Custom SRD. 2days and 3 Nights I can't fine the solution. I added NIC Driver ( Agere 1310_60 ) at the Custom Recovery Disk menu and Booting with SRD, But SRD Can't start Network Service ( not intalled NIC Drvier ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2011
Hi? all We want to mail archive from SBG ( 9.0.2). All outbound mail deliver message normally, and also all outboud mail archive to archive server. ( It's same way as copy the all messages to another server. ) Is it possible? In the ...
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2010
Our Big customer's SBG can not show dashboard informations. All data indicate "0", and graph is blank. There is some sql fail services controlcenter restart is OK, but service mysql restart ( or stop, start ) is fail 1 Controlcenter(8380) and ...
discussion comment 03 Dec 2010
New forum discussion 02 Dec 2010
One of our customer ask Why schedule scan time is longer than background scan In the KB Schedule scan is 1GB/1hour Background scan is 6GB/1hour
discussion comment 21 Oct 2010
New forum discussion 21 Oct 2010
Our customer have 3hub servers and 5 mailbox servers in Exchange 2007 enviroment. mailbox1 server have a storage1, mailbox2 server have a storage2... each stroage have about 4,000 acounts mailboxes. I installed mail security for Exchange 6.5 on mailbox1 ...