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New forum discussion 22 Jun 2015
hi, if i have 7 nodes in vcs,node a to node e serve 4 service failover groups and node f and g serve an orac.If suddenly i have a split brain case,all the nodes lose the llt conection,what is the fastest and secure way to deal with this? sure i ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2015
hi, if an application hangs and it is part of an service group,how i troubleshoot things? first should i stop the service group hagrp -offline?if this not works then should i try to stop each resource hares -offline?if this not wotks then i kill -9 every process of this ...
New forum discussion 08 Jun 2015
tanislavm posted: gco
hi, i understand that a gco is a virtual(global) cluster formed from 2 vcs clusters each one in a separate site.the heartbeat between nodes from the sites goes over the wan?the gab traffic that updates all the nodes between the 2 sites,goes over this wan between sites?
New forum discussion 05 Jun 2015
hi, i think that vxfencing could be setup only within evey cluster from every site.i am not aware if vxfencing could be setup as global fencing.suppose i have a node in site 1 and other node in site 2,and a failover group uses node1 or node2.if the heartbeat link between the ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2015
hi, if i have node a and b in site 1 and node c and d in site 2,then if i wish to configure them into global vcs in this way-nod a and node c serve a failover group and node b and d serve a parallel group. i saw if i wish to setup gco first in site 1 i setup gco and then in ...
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2015
hi, i wish to ask a couple of this all related. i could have failover and parallel service groups in the same vcs.right? in my opinion would be better if i setup a different vcs only for failover services and another for parallel services rather that a single vcs ...
New forum discussion 16 Apr 2015
hi, i have an physical box with solaris 10 and usualy an DG is imported on this host.i wish to have this DG up and runing inside a non-global zone created in this i proceed in order to do that? should i presents the disks which make up the DG to the non-global zone,then ...
New forum discussion 10 Apr 2015
hi, I wish to check a thing. In production could i use  online the command #vxrecover -sb volume in order to synchronize the plexes under this volume,or raid5 subdisk recovery? I mean if there is I/O on the filesystem on this volume.tnx a lot.
discussion comment 26 Feb 2015
tanislavm commented on: vcs migration
New forum discussion 25 Feb 2015
Hi, I wish to migrate from solaris to linux an vcs,please i need to check it. In the case that data disks are cdsdisk then simply import the dg on linux and start the lv. In the case of root disk,after i install linux on it,i copy the vcs configuration files in linux ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2015
hi, i wish to force a crash dump on a vcs should i perform it? should i failover first the service group or no? then i force the crash dump on this node. if i do not failover the service group,then: -if the node where i forced the crash dump will ...
New forum discussion 02 Feb 2015
hi, in a vcs node i have an oracle instance running.if by accident one process of this instance is killed,how i fix this?should i freeze the service group and then stop and start the instance using the scripts? if i shutdown a service group on an vcs node then this service ...
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2015
hi, i wish a new wonderful year to everybody. on a node with an service group up if i shutdown the OS with shutdown command,then the service group will be bring offline safely? normally i should stop the cluster on this node,verify it and then shutdown the ...