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New forum discussion 22 Oct 2014
I am using NBU and have policies that use the vmware policy type, and the advanced attribute Post vCenter events is set to All Events.  I backup each vm through a VMware backup host running Windows 2008 R2.  The backups run successful, but none of the VMs are getting ...
New forum discussion 21 Mar 2014
Microsoft just released SQL 2014.  Does anyone know when NBU will support it with a database agent?
New forum discussion 07 Mar 2014
Using NBU we have always used vaulting to create off-site backups, but are starting to have problems with how long it takes for duplication to complete.  Now we are considering creating multiple backups in the policies instead of using duplication to create our off-site tapes. ...
New forum discussion 16 Aug 2013
I am running on a Linux host.  When running full backups on ms sql client the backup errors out and dies any time that the tape it is writing to fills up.  Even if there is a tape available, it will mount the new tape, but about 30 seconds later it errors out with the ...
New forum discussion 18 Jan 2013
I want to remove an old MBR boot server from my NBU 7.5 Linux master server.  This boot server was created back in 7.0 and does not exist any more.  I can't remove it the normal way because it has shared resource trees associated with it, and I cannot remove them either.  ...
New forum discussion 18 Sep 2012
Does anybody know when NetBackup 7.5 will have a supported client for Windows Server 2012? 
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2011
I am running NBU 7.1.01 on a Linux server which is also the media server.  I have 4 fiber connected LTO3 tape drives, currently all 4 are on one fiber switch.  I want to move two to another switch, so that two drives are connected to each switch.  We tried to do this a year ago ...
New forum discussion 06 Jul 2011
I created a policy with policy type "FlashBackup-Windows", "Mapped full VM backup", transfer type "Try All Types". I am using a Windows 2008 R2 vm as my backup host. I am backing up to tape. The backup works fine, and I can restore individual files ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2011
Has anyone installed 7.1 on Redhat 6, and if so were there any problems with the installation? Thanks.