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New forum discussion 23 Feb 2012
For a straightforward EV 10 installation with about 10 TB of only File System Archiving data, using the NetBackup agent for EV to backup vault stores, indexes, etc, how do I choose a backup strategy? I've searched this forum, read
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2012
How do I get notified when new releases of NetBackup or Backup Exec are released? For example, NetBackup just came out - how could I have know about that?
New forum discussion 03 Oct 2011
Using BUE 2010 R3, with V-Ray (if necessary), can I backup VMware guests using SAN-attached shared storage?  In other words, I want BUE to be reading the VMware guest snapstop via a SAN connection rather than across the LAN. Related to this is whether I can use a Windows remote ...
New forum discussion 15 Oct 2010
We have a customer that tried to register an Open Storage server on a NBU 7.0.1 media (and master - tried both) server that failed because the storage server name was being forced to all lower case when passed in the get_server_prop call. I tried this in a test setup with 7.0.1, and it ...
New forum discussion 14 Sep 2010
I've used the 32-bit dbisqlc (not sure if 6.5.4 or 7.0) before. Running it today at a customer site produced an error with a messages something like "error starting/stoping database". The dialog page that lets you uncheck "stop database after exiting" has ...
New idea 14 Sep 2010
The disk pool wizard for an OST device is great, but if after successfully creating a disk pool, they choose to continue on to create a storage unit, it would be nice to have the name of the storage unit be the same as the disk pool name with something like "-su" post-pended, or ...
New forum discussion 08 Sep 2010
Is there a reliable/foolproof/multi-platform way to: 1. Determine if NBAC is in-use/required on a master server?  media server? 2. Determine if the user has already entered their NBAC credentials and has been authenticated and authorized with the NBU_Administrator ...