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New forum discussion 15 Apr 2015
Hello, i have to move an EVault 11 Server for an Customer to new Hardware. The Server is actual a hardware Server. Enterrpise Vault Version 11. The new Server is a virtuell Server on Hyper-V. SQL Server is different not on EVault. The new Server is installed. Same OS, same ...
New forum discussion 18 Feb 2015
Hello togheter, After Failed Evault Server i have Problem to start the Storage Service. customer deletes some RegistryKeys. Import from Backup sucessfull but After Start he stops and in Eventlog i Found: Vault Store database patch removal failed. /  Reason: Operation ...
New forum discussion 12 Sep 2014
Hello, i have Problems with an Vault 11 System. The Journal Task does not archiv anymore. we moved the SQL Server since 4 weeks. I have complete configure all SQL Settings that are in the TechNote. When i restart the System there are no errors in Log an all is runing. The ...
New forum discussion 06 Sep 2014
Hallo zusammen, bin auf der suche nach Präsentationen für Evault 10 oder 11. Hintergrund ist eine Admin Schulung für Evault. Hat jemand einen Link oder ein Powerpoint für Symantec Evault 10 / 11 optimal in Deutsch? vielen Dank für eine Info. mfg Thomas
New forum discussion 24 Jun 2014
Hello, i have an question, Customer has an primary Backup Exec 2010. The server have more than 40 Jobs, B2D and Libary . We have 3 more Backup Exec 2010 Servers in other Locations. Now he have buyed the Central Server Admin Licence. What happens when i make the Primary Backup Exec ...
New forum discussion 19 May 2014
Hello, i want to test upgrade on my demolab EV10.4 to Version 11.  All Features are installed. Deployment Scanner ist OK no errors. After starting the upgrade, the setup failed with error in "Index Components" Setup make an roolback but IndexService never ...
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2014
Hello, i have an Exchange 2010 SP2 with EVault 10.4. MailboxArchiving ist running. Yesterday we implementing Journaling. The Mails in Journal Mailbox are marked with "Queued for Vault" But the wont delete. When i start an Syncronize on Jounral Task i got ...
New forum discussion 27 Nov 2013
Hello, My question: is it possible to delete the orignal Mails after Archiving whe the Option is now first activate. Customer has an Archiv Rule but forget to set "Delete Email after Archiv" Now he has all Mails double in Outlook. The Orginal an the ...
New forum discussion 09 Sep 2013
Hello, i have an question abaout deleting an FSA Archiv in 10.0.4. What happend or what have i to to when i delete an Archiv in the console. I test this and have problems to open files that are deduplicate. I create 2 Shares with same files EVdata01 and EVdata02. I archiv both ...
New forum discussion 09 Sep 2013
Hello, i think i have forgot an task. i change EVault to SSL. Outlook and OWA running fine. Only Files on FileServer are not Open. Erro ist 20491 in Eventlog on Fileserver because he try to open it on http://evserver ...