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New forum discussion 15 Apr 2011
I had a user walk through a workflow, and at the end, they received this error below... Has anyone seen this before? Error Details Error Message: An item with the same key has already been added. Message Stack: at ...
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2011
Hello! I'm currently using this AD Search method that I found on the Workflow Swat site to pull down a attributes of users (Display name, Office, Organizational Title, Telephone Number and phone number).
New forum discussion 21 Feb 2011
Hello! I'm creating a dialog workflow with approval and I would like the workflow to continue in two directions from the default path.  I've already added in the WorkflowAdvanced.DLL file so I can do parallel processing, but for some reason it's not kicking off.  ...
New forum discussion 02 Feb 2011
Hello! I'm trying to create custom validation for a workflow of mine.  I want the custom validation to throw back a message if a user checks a check box but forgets to fill out the text box below it.  I provided a small screenshot of the layout of what I'm referring ...
New forum discussion 21 Sep 2010
Hello! I'm currently creating a form where users go to select passwords that they need to have reset.  The form is using a CheckBoxListComponent and houses many different passwords that can be selected.  Does anyone know or have a quick walkthrough on how to display all ...
discussion comment 31 Mar 2010
New forum discussion 31 Mar 2010
Hello! I'm currently using Workflow 7 and I'm having an issue when I try to find(and even copy and paste from a different workflow) the Create Ticket component.  When I search for it, nothing comes up.  I've tried to load the ServiceDesk.dll and also the ...
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2010
Hello!  Has anyone received this error when using a SQL Query component?  I even tried to use the Initialize data component to set the value to 0 and I still got the same error.  Does anyone know how to address this?  I bolded the error message ...